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If your president’s name starts with K, he is likely an EAC dictator!

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A dictatorship is a form of government characterised by the absolute rule of one person or a very small group of people who hold all political powers.

While a dictatorship is a form of government in some nations, Dictatorship is dangerous and cruel because of the way they treat their citizens.
The essential determinants of dictatorship include;

You won’t find a dictator who calls himself a dictator, instead dictators have ordinary titles such as President, Emperor, Great leader and similar Monikers. This is because “dictator” is a purported term assigned to certain rulers by other nations particularly the developed nations like Canada, USA etc. This is relevant in Uganda with president Yoweri k Museveni who usually refers to himself as the only great leader with vision to lead Uganda.

A country is run by one person without any checks and balances on his power. The dictator make unilateral decisions that affect their countries without having to consult any other branch of government. This is because there is no branch of government that is not controlled by the dictator. This is relevant with Uganda as Dictator Museveni has enshrined himself as the law. All other government departments have to do what the dictator wants. This is evident with regard to court cases which Judges have decided to favour the dictator, for example the 2006 presidential election period where the supreme court help that “The irregularities in the elections were not enough to annul the elections.” This clearly evidenced the lack of independence of government institutions and the supremacy of the dictator.

Human nature being what it is, dictators don’t rise to power for the good of their nationals as they usually claim. They actually seize power to benefit themselves, their families and close political allies. This is evident in Uganda as Dictator Museveni has promoted his family to top government positions, In fact Dictator Museveni clearly stated once at a government function that he is not a servant of Ugandans, that he works for his beliefs and for his family.

In times, It’s not unusual to hear new stories about dictators being elected by their citizens, when in fact the elections are manipulated through intimidation of voters to ensure dictators Victor.This is clearly seen in Uganda where dictator Museveni will always bring the nation to state of war during presidential elections by staging the heavily equipped army in all parts of the country to intimidate voters. This clearly indicates that the dictator never wins the elections lawfully.

A cult of personality often surrounds a dictator driven by myths typically perpetuated by the government controlled media about the ruler that are designed to build him up in the minds of the citizens as an all knowing divine being who is capable to bring prosperity to the nation.
This was seen in North Korea where Kim John Il was described as a god of Korea, This is seen in Uganda where government media has always praised dictator as the only man with vision in Uganda. More also books like the Mastered seed have been published praising the dictator.

I’m most brutal Dictatorships, The citizens live in extreme poverty because the government withholds food and supplies in order to keep the people under control. Even when a disaster like hunger happens, the Military dictator will always block humanitarian aid from reaching the people. This was evident in Uganda when Isingiro District faced a serious drought and when The opposition came to their rescue by giving them food, the Dictator frustrated this help.

In a dictatorship government, people have little or no personal freedom, freedom of speech, religion or even a right to hold an opinion in opposition to the dictator and the ruling party. This is at a high level in Ugandan especially on the freedom of expression where the dictator is against anyone opposing his rule. This is evident with Hon. Bobi wine who through his music showed his opposition to the dictator and the dictator has in turn frustrated his music business by declaring his music concerts unlawful.

Dictators use psychological manipulation, Imprisonment, Torture and Murder to Intimidate citizens into complete obedience. This was historically seen with Dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba, but it’s now seen in Uganda where the leader of opposition Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested always but without any charge laid upon him.

In conclusion, It has been widely agreed that once dictators are in power, it usually takes a lot for a dictator to step down. They usually die in power but this is not a solution to dictatorship because after his death, Another dictator in the same line will proceed from where the other stopped.
The Best solution is to bring down the whole government of dictatorship and establish democratic reforms based on peaceful transition of power.

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