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Humans are born loving, hate is taught

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) requires students to do community service for a set number of the week in order to get their High School Diploma.  The IB program is administered out of Switzerland but it is now a global thing because of what it teaches teenagers.  We are daily challenged to make a difference in the world.  All the United World Colleges (UWC) use the IB program.

This one time at school ( my community service was helping a teacher of kindergarten kids.  Victoria BC is a bit far from Nanaimo but the school arranged for the driving.  So then this child.  He was so small.  Blue eyed blonde with a smile to die for.  I was helping them to colour inside the boxes tracing the lines.  The little boy looks at me and freaks out.  I had no idea what was his problem and why he suddenly threw up a feat.  So the teacher walked over and talked to the kid.  The little boy said “her.  her.  her skin”.

The day ended well.  In the van back to school, I tried to understand why the child had freaked out but I had too much homework so it passed.  The next time I went back to the school to the same classroom.  This kid walks up to me and shakes my hand.  He says “you know you should not spend a lot of time in the sun.  Your skin gets dark and you might get cancer”.  So me and my new friend are now like super happy.  The teacher walks over to inquire what had happened.  The little boy says “I asked mommy and daddy why Martha has burnt skin.  They said she spends too much time in the sun”.

This is where race issues get complicated.  Far too many of us think everything is race related but actually most people do not even know why we are black and why we do not burn in the sun.  God is amazing.  He knew Africans could not produce sun screen or likely knew that we are too lazy to put it on so we got a higher dose of melanin.  By the way I also volunteered in an elders’ home in Victoria downtown and was called a Kaffir.  Had no idea what the word even meant but my elder was from South Africa.  I just wrote him off but we became great friends.

FAST FORWARD.  I was in one hospital every day that ends in Y from 8:00am to 6:00PM.  It was a full time job.  And you should always wear a suit when you are going to your full time job.  So this one time, they wheel in an old man who needed urgent surgery and as he passes me by while I am waiting to be called for my plasmapheresis, the guy yells “take me out of here. Take me out.  I refuse to be operated on by a nigger”.  I looked at my nurse and said “let me go put on my scrubs and do the work”.  We break out in laughter.  Can you imagine that when they wheeled him into the day surgery his surgeon was black?  Karma wears heels.

All the above does not mean that racism does not exist.  I am on record for saying that I have hardly experienced racism in Canada or USA.  But it does exist. In Canada it is very sallow you would need to pay attention.  In USA it is right in your face.  And yet driving around NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, all parts of Florida, I have never ever faced it.  There was one time when I was pulled over though and it was in Fort Myers and it was very stupid because my Drivers License had my age but the officer did not believe that I was old enough.  He only asked me if he could call OPP (Ontario Police) and he did.

With all the race things and the news daily, we tend to be on the edge and think that everyone is out to get us.  They probably are but please, let us be cautious.  Human beings are scared of what they do not know.  We likely need to work harder to make our friends understand that we all bleed red when we cut ourselves and naturally tell them that all human beings originated from Mwambu and Masaba from Mt. Elgon in Uganda AND definitely not the Garden of Eden.  Wakyili we can find Mt. Elgon on the map.  Where is the Garden of Eden on the Google Map anyway? === nearly got kicked out of school for asking a nun to show me the garden on the Geography map.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Proud descendant of the first human father called Masaba from the border of Uganda and Kenya but what was the mom’s name again?  PLEASE and THANK YOU or I AM SORRY officer. They are also only human and may have had a very bad morning before they went to work. 

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