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How Museveni will reward his striking prosecutors and judicial officers

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The recent revelation that Museveni had awarded 6b shilling Presidential handshake to 42 of Uganda’s highly paid cadre public servants set in motion a series of industrial action by different regime sectors demanding a pay rise and improved working conditions. First, it was Makerere University lecturers that prompted its closure. Then came the strike by Public Prosecutors who compelled the regime to ‘give in’ to their demands. The latest was by Judicial officers whose industrial action lasted two weeks.

In all the above cases, the treacherous regime has successfully managed to manipulate the striking public servants into submission. It has promised to meet their demands just as a way of buying time. For the Judicial Officers, the regime stage-managed two breakouts by suspects from Gulu Central Police Station and Kabwohe in Sheema district which it attributed to overcrowding in the cells. The police which is reknown for detaining suspects for weeks and months against the constitutional 48 hours, was simply playing hypocrisy. The Prison
Services also falsely claimed that it was incurring extra expenses in feeding and transportation of prisoners to and from courts. Statistically, the expenditure by Prison Services ought to have reduced owing to the fact that during that period they were not admitting new people.

It is a fact that most Prosecutors and Judicial Officers survive on taking bribes from litigants, accused and complainants. The regime is aware of the corruption in the Judiciary but keeps a blind eye in return for partisan conduct by most Judicial Officers and Prosecutors. The public has irreparably lost confidence in the Justice, Law and Order sector. Majority of these officers are publicly known to be regime Cadres. No wonder, the incoming Deputy Chief Justice, Owing Dolo has had to publicly declare that he is not a Cadre Justice. The outgoing Deputy Chief Justice, Steven Kavuma was a distinguished regime Cadre who made no efforts to disguise his partisan conduct.

Before the Judicial Officials bowed out of their strike last week, they accused the Chief Justice, Bart Katurebe of having connived with the regime to frustrate their strike “because he is well taken care of”. He came out to vehemently dismiss the accusation; “…. you can say all those sorts of things but the truth will always come out.” Justice Katurebe was compromised by Museveni as part of his appointment deal in 2015 after he had been rejected for two years. In return, Katurebe delivered the 2016 dismissal of the presidential election petition.  He has chosen to preside over a passive judiciary that dances to the tunes of the regime. As a reward, Museveni recently elevated his (Kabarebe) brother, Brig.Octovious Butuuro from the rank of Col. to Brigadier before transferring him from Rwanda as a Military Attaché to the Luwer Defence Industries as Managing Director.

Obviously, for Museveni, the strike was politically motivated and he must have directed Katurebe to ‘sort out his house’ – a mission he has successfully accomplished. Now that he has managed to hoodwink them into getting back to work, Museveni will ‘sort them out’.  He will deploy his Intelligence operatives to net unlucky corrupt Judiciary Officers. That way they will be cowed into silence and total allegiance to the regime.

How come they have never protested against the intimidation, armed attacks on courts and interference in judicial processes by Museveni!!!!!!!!


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