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Healthcare in ruins while Africans discuss politics!

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This happens daily in the *Peril of Africa*

*Lifted from Dr Eddy Nzomo’s FB wall*

CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD…. are just but a statistics (non-game changers)

Didn’t we move on? Is the nurses’ strike even still on? Are our public hospitals functional? Or are they as ghostly with dilapidated structures like they seemed to be from some time in 5th Dec, 2016! Do Kenyans care? Or do we actually not need health care workers? Welll, I guess… the answer to these questions is that we’ve more pressing issues to deal with, more crucial than Health matters!

See, we need to decide who is the best thief to be in State House. More of, if he’s a thief from my ethnic group or near my region, I can see the products of his theft.

Well, this post is as apolitical as I can make it, only that politics is such a grave matter to be left only to the hands of politicians.

This post is specially for mourning a 25year old mother who was expecting her second born. A nonsignificant, just another statistic, whose burial I doubt even if an MCA will attend, maybe a Chief or sub-chief and village elders 😢. A MATERNAL MORTALITY!

The night was no much different to most during this nurses’ strike period, you get a distress call from maternity, end up doing 2 – 3 C-sections. Tonight they were 6; the usual 17year old primigravida with CPD but come with fetal distress. One of them actually was so annoyed with me, “na huyu naye ananiangalia nini” and another just glad the labor pain is relieved she offered to give me the kid for adoption in future.

When I was finishing up the 4th case is when the ill-fated mother came into hospital. With the diagnosis of uterine rupture, the mother was brought straight to theatre where blood samples were collected for cross-match. Paper white pale, restless, cold clumy extremeties… Hypotensive Shock!

Patient was being monitored in a small private health facility while in labour since morning, was referred with a note “querying Maternal distress and suspected Macrosomia”. TOOK A MOTORBIKE to our hospital accompanied by her mother-in-law.

Long story short, I went in, extracted a fresh still birth from the peritoneum, 3.2Kg. Drained approx 4Litres of blood from the peritoneum. Transfusion ongoing, started repairing the rupture on the posterior wall. She died intra-op 😢😭

This is just one of the many cases, a few get lucky to survive, others die at home and most lose their babies they have carried for 9months.

But hey, we moved on. Didn’t we?

If you didn’t know nurses are still on strike and no one cares, just wait for proforma and make your burial contributions then move on, when someone close to you also passes on we’ll come contribute burry them then move on to serious matters… POLITICS!

*Bring Back Our Nurses*

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