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Former Uganda spy blames West & Museveni for South Sudan civil war

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A former Ugandan intelligence officer James Moises has accused Western countries of complicity in the going South Sudan’s civil war, claiming that Western nations have allowed South Sudan’s neighbor, Uganda, to manage South Sudan’s peace process.

Moises, who is widely credited for exposingUganda’s involvement in South Sudan’s civil war, criticized the West for what he described as “what we want first, regardless of the amount of blood spilled,” asserting that the West under the Former United States President Barack Obama was in a secret agreement with Uganda.

In early April, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) received an invitation from Moises, wanting the SSNA to interview him, claiming he is ready to drop what he described as “the mother of all secrets.”

The request took the SSNA more than a month to coordinate with Moises.

In an exclusive interview conducted on Friday and Saturday, Moises surprised the South Sudan News Agency’s team at the meeting place by first introducing everyone at a seemingly educated group of all men as “friends” claimed that he is at war with current Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and that he was killed in March 2017.

“First, I would like to announce to you and the world that I was killed in March this year, but I am still here. An innocent man called Assistant Inspector General Andrew Felix Kaweesi was killed in March by Yoweri Museveni thinking he was me,” he declared.

Kaweesi was killed in March by what the Ugandan government declared as “unknown gunmen.”

Before the interview began, the South Sudan News Agency was aware of the presence of heavily armed men in and outside the building where the interview took place. Moises was first asked by the SSNA team to guarantee their safety, he then responded by laughing, claiming, “Museveni will be gone before his time comes.”

As the interview progresses, the former Ugandan intelligence agent demanded that everyone in the room leave, but asked three well-dressed men he called “lifetime friends” to stay.

“Hey leave, except you, you, and you,” Moises declared in front of an all-men audience.

“South Sudan civil war was manufactured here in Kampala. That guy of South Sudan [Kiir] gave Museveni anything he wants. The West under previous American President Obama was all about what we want first, regardless of the amount of blood spilled. I was deeply disturbed by orders and assignments I was given by my cold-blooded leader Museveni. The West under Obama was acting like Uganda’s client. They have no clear say at all, they failed the young nation, and Uganda was the manager of everything related to South Sudan’s war,” Moises declared.

“Yoweri Museveni is very good at manipulating Western leaders,” he recalled.

On Saturday, Moises told the South Sudan News Agency that he has just finished compiling a “bombshell report,” detailing his intelligence works in South Sudan, adding, “I will give the mother of all secrets to a world-class intelligence agency to expose all fingers involved South Sudanese civil war,” he continues.

Moises claimed in March that the Egyptian government has sealed a deal with Kampala and Juba to harm Addis Ababa.

Pressed why he feels safe in Kampala given his status as a former intelligence officer, Moises responded by saying that his experience as an intelligence agent taught him how to “spit on Museveni’s face without any detection,” adding, “just watch, he is not going to like it in a few years.”

Most South Sudanese agree that the current South Sudanese president Salva Kiir is still in power because of Uganda influence.  Kampala refuses to accept any foreign intervention in South Sudan, claiming it will only escalate the situation.


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