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VIDEO: DRCongo rebel group now says will remove Kaguta, Kagame, Kabila

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We have just learned that there is a meeting which is going to be held in London UK of the three cannibals. The three vampires. When we speak of the three vampires, we mean Kaguta, Kabila and Kagame. We ask you Rwandese, Congolese and Ugandans who are in UK to refuse to host these dictators. You should not let them come to where you are. Be strong and be energized and refuse to meet them and to attend anything they are coming to do.

I ask you truly, be vigilant and do not let this meeting take place. Do not let these cannibals, these terrorists who have destroyed our countries. You people from Congo, who are in USA, France, everywhere in the world. Wake up you people and we must refuse and reject such meetings of these demons. Stand up and make noise. We must reject these murderers.

I ask you all the people of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda to also support our efforts. We request you to be strong and hopeful. We are very strong and we are going to chase them away. We shall make things better with your help. It is you people from the three countries who are going to help us to stand with us so that we can fight these demons. We ask you all the soldiers on the other side to also be alert. Do not close your eyes. As I swore to you previously, in the name of our elders and more so Mr. Patrice Lumumba who died for our independence, we are going to chase these three presidents. We are going to chase them because we are united. I swear to you all these men will go.

The meeting of the three cannibals will take place in April. Do not sleep. Refuse this meeting to take place because you know they will not be planning anything good. Please support us. You have seen with your own eyes how many refugees from Congo, Rwanda and Uganda are all over the world. They have run away from these devils and people continue to run away. Many Rwandese running away it is because of Kagame. We do not want to see our people running and suffering in outside countries. Our Congo belongs to Congolese. Our Uganda belongs to Ugandans. Our Rwanda belongs to Rwandese.

So what are you going to do you who are outside when even us who are inside are not helped. We will put an end to these dictators. Please ensure that the meeting does not take place. May God bless you all. Thank you.

The second part is in Lingala but says exactly the above. The video includes French first, then Lingala afterwards.
Translation and transcription by
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
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