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Dear Kenya – please do not take away our victory on the judiciary

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I write to you with a broken heart because you are discrediting the fact that Kenya is a pillar of democracy and respects the judiciary with laws you put in place.

Last week I congratulated Kenya on the decision by the Kenya Supreme Court and I will never recall it.  Every word was meant from the bottom of my humble heart from Bududa, Uganda.

This weekend has been nothing but turmoil.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and the DP Rutto went against their own words of telling opposition to go to court if they wanted to challenge the elections.  You both will remember that Hon. Raila Odinga had said he would not go to court.

Raila did go to court and the case was a no brainer.  Talk to anyone who has worked in ICT for a few years and you could see how easily the results could be challenged.

While you both called for peace and to respect the Supreme Court, this weekend we see Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta on live camera threatening the judges and calling them “wakora”.  A lot of media has translated this word but there is no translation that befits it really.  The word can mean anything from thug, hooligan, thief, liar, imbecile, retard, etc. nebilala nebilala.  I was mortified when I watched the video of my beloved hero Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta using this word against the judiciary.  Do not forget that I spent some of my childhood in Nairobi and learned many bad words.

It is understandable that Uhuru and Ruto were angry and maybe in our anger we sometimes say words we do not mean but words are very powerful.  Then comes this:

Hon. Raila Odinga “we will not share the loaf”.  And all this time we put Kenya on a pedestal and you people are going at each other’s throat for your tribes or pride?  It makes no sense.  Kenya told the world that judiciary can work in Africa too but all of a sudden our leaders are gonna fix each other?


Why insult the judiciary which you know that you have the best of in Africa?  Why threaten the judges?  You might be more intelligent than what the rest of us are thinking though.  Threatening the judiciary on public live media likely is to say you would never hurt them.

At the same time, please know that many of us are praying for Kenya and praying for your Supreme Court judges to be protected by the blood of our Lord Jesus and God surely will help Africa.

“Amani” – it means PEACE.  One of you said it.  I hope you all remember.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada  —- born and raised in Bududa, Uganda.  By the way my area of Bugisu suffered landslides during your elections and my people are homeless with no food and using hoes to dig up the dead.

My people are still waiting for the Uganda government and opposition parties to show up and help them.  No one has shown up.

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