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Gen. Elwelu is Museveni’s Commander of the Land Forces – the fourth highest position in the country’s military hierarchy. As the 2nd Division Commander, in November 2016 Elwelu commanded the brutal military assault on the compound of the King of the Rwenzururu Kingdom in Kasese that left hundreds killed in cold blood while many more were maimed and women abused. The assault and massacre was a response to the Kingdom’s overwhelming support for the opposition during the February 2016 Gen. Elections. 

 Museveni rewarded Gen. Elwelu with promotion to the rank of Lt. General and elevated Elwelu to the position of Commander of the Land Forces. On account of that incident, the USA blocked Elwelu’s attendance of a security conference in Malawi. In May 2017, in an interview with Al-Jazera Television, Museveni retaliated his defense of Gen. Elwelu’s actions;
“……that means he was doing his duty…..yes, I am the one who promoted him ………I am telling you that Elwelu did his duty and there is now peace in that area … was definitely justified.”

Four years down the road, victims are still waiting for justice that will never come as long as Musevenism is still in power. 

In Zimbabwe, the late dictator Robert Mugabe’s Gen. Pearance Shiri has died of Corona Virus. He has been the Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement since 2017. Immediately after Zimbabwe got its independence in 1980, tension between Mugabe’s ZANU and Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU set in motion. The two political organisations had been founded on ethnic and regional grounds. Mugabe’s ruling ZANU was dominated by the majority Shona tribe while Nkomo’s ZAPU was dominated by the minority Ndebele tribe of the southern Matabeleland. 

In 1983, Mugabe moved against the Ndebele in Matabeleland by deploying his army’s 5th Brigade under the command of Gen. Pearance Shiri. The current President, Munangagwa was, at that time, the Minister of State Security and overseer of the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). A reign of terror descended on the Ndebele that was characterised by torture, detention without trial and summary executions leaving an estimated 20,000 dead. The reign of terror lasted close to four years ending in 1987 when Mugabe signed a Unity Accord with his political rival, Joshua Nkomo that saw the merger of ZANU and ZAPU to form ZANU-PF. 

The said reign of terror in Matabeleland was dubbed Gukurahandi which is a Shona word to mean “Rain that sweeps away the chaff.” The Commander of the infamous 5th Brigade, Gen. Shiri referred to himself as the “Black Jesus In The House of Stone” while others referred to him as the “Black Hitler.” 

The said 5th Brigade was by design predominantly Shona and was provided specialised training by North Korea. An amnesty was extended to members of the security forces and a commission of inquiry was put in place but its findings have never been made public. In 1992, Gen. Shiri went on to become the chief of the country’s Air Force and actively participated in the Second Congo War. He organised and led the invasion of White owned farms by War Veterans. In 2000, the major beneficiary of his brutality, Robert Mugabe only referred to the Gukurahandi as a “Moment of Madness.” 
In 2002, Gen. Shiri was banned by the EU from entry into EU territory and in 2003, President George Bush blocked all of Gen. Shiri’s private properties in the USA. In 2008, Shiri was at the forefront of violently reversing the opposition MDC’s election victory and the ensuing reign of terror on MDC supporters. However, in December 2008, Shiri survived a road ambush with a bullet in his arm as he travelled from his private farm. 

Shiri died on July 28, 2020 of Corona Virus and that is the nearest that the victims of his Gukurahandi have come to justice. For the victims of Museveni’s Gen. Elwelu, you have a long way to go in your search for justice. At best, justice will only come the Zimbabwe’s Gen. Shiri way. 



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