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Year End Performance Evaluation For Salary Increases or Promotions

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First written and shared on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 on this blog.

Year End Performance Evaluation For Salary Increases or Promotions

Many bosses make a very big mistake to concentrate on weaknesses of the employees.  If those employees are so terrible, then fire them.  The best way to help your team is to fire the none performers. If you choose to keep them then it is a sign that they have skills your team needs.

Performance Reviews need to be done more than once a year.  The employees should do their own performance reviews and then you review and add your part. You absolutely must not concentrate on their weaknesses.  The creator is intelligent.  Can you imagine if we were all created the same – that would be so darn boring.  I have had some great managers in my life and some not so good.  My best managers saw potential in me and every performance review focused on what I could learn and do better.

Mind you, they paid for the training I was willing to attend.  I was a nerd most of my life.  One manager noticed that it was because I was shy (hahaha , just imagine) and sent me on many courses for presentations and public speaking and communication skills (so I could talk to people instead of the computers).  She did not penalize me for the weaknesses I had,  in fact, she rewarded me for my strengths and got me into training at  the company cost and this is why I now write with a fury so that people will understand.

A new employee needs a monthly meeting with their boss to review performance and what has to be done to help the new employee to improve.  You see, the best companies in the world will do this and pay for the training.  The manager can pop into the employee’s office anytime and chat about things.  This is the best manager.  My kind of manager is the one who calls me anytime or pops in and asks how things are going. 

I had this one manager who would come into the small computer lab where I was coding and find me pulling my hair out.  He was special, he would ask me what was frustrating me.  One day, he looked over my code and something was not working.  He found that I had put a comma in the wrong place.  We remove it and the application took off.  Now this is also not the manager who would penalize me for not being a social butterfly.  Great managers do things which bring value to the company – improving the bottom line.

If you are the kind of manager who thinks that promotions and salary increases must be based on the weaknesses of people, you make a very big mistake.  Had my employers focused on my non social skills and fear of public presentations instead of my coding abilities, they would have probably run me out of the company.  However, they also were trained by a great company – value the strengths and deal with the weaknesses instead of attacking the employee over their weaknesses.  I have done some performance reviews for people (not my employers) and I always focus on the key accomplishments.  For what they are willing to learn, we send them for training. 

My team in #Uganda knows how I blow up at them for not communicating sometimes.  But that team is full of comedians though.  We find a way to work out solutions because we communicate and care.  WELL now you know, Communication is key.

When you choose to penalise people for their weakness, please state their strengths and then sit back and review your list of their strengths and negatives. The average human these days is terribly cynical so we tend to focus on the negative.  We need to bring back the great feeling of positive.  You see, humans cannot be thrown out like old used clothes.  Humans need to be loved and cared for and then you will one day get slammed with the wonder of them.

Make this Year End Performance Review a great experience for your employees. Word of Mouth is the most important marketing tool.  A happy employee is many happy customers.


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