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Wotsomu is a doctor (umusawu uwe shimali) who uses herbs to treat various ailments and can also carry out surgeries such as kyimino among the babies, he also cuts khamilamila and khatata; these two are very dangerous and can cause speaking impairment if untreated. He  treats tsisalu (cysts), indunuka, and kumuyaka.


A woman came from Busoba but Wotsomu had gone to Shitulo and only Wauswa was at home; the woman whose child had khamilamila had been told of the famous Wotsomu and she certainly came knowing that the child will be treated. Wauswa instead of asking the woman to wait for Wotsomu decided to do the surgery himself. Without the experience, he ended up cutting the wrong veins and the child who would bleed for 3 minutes bled for more than 30 minutes. And in essence, khamilamila among children is normally treated by medicine and not surgery.


As the situation got worse and the child started to lose consciousness, Wauswa who had already taken the woman’s hen asked her to leave the compound in order for the medication to work since “legend has it that the medicine cannot work from where it is made”. Soon as she left, Wauswa closed his hut which was within the same compound as his father, picked the hen and dashed off heading to Wakutuma to exchange the hen for waragi at Nabalayo’s point. Unfortunately, the child died and what followed was not so good.


Our medicine men and women have since time immemorial been treating our ailments. Sicknesses arising from nature and injuries have never been impossible to heal until the emergence of muniafu. But diseases such as kumuyaka (hernia), khawaali (chicken pox which is different from mungusese or measles), kamachelo, khatata and khamilamila. Some of these such as kumuyaka and khamilamila are always treated by surgeries and especially among the adults. For the children, there are those herbs that are used to treat it.


For ingakha known as yellow fever in  English, herbs are pounded and placed in the midrib of hot cassava. A combination of the moisture works wonders and within two days such sickness would be healed and the person will get back to normal. Whenever symptoms persist, the patients are referred. There is a perfect referral system to Kuloba on Mailo mukaga or wataka, the revered witchdoctor.


The most dangerous disease is khawaali; not that it kills so often but we know how highly contagious the disease is. It is why when a family has a person suffering from chicken pox, they must blockade the way to their house with thorns. This signals to the neighbours, friends and relatives that all is not well with the family and people should avoid the home.

How it is treated; you want to know?
Well, we get ingekwe and nalusisi. These are soaked in sheep milk and smeared all over the patient’s body.
We then lay you on a mat for a night and early morning you drink the same mixture which was smeared to the body and in five days you’re expected to have healed. It is said that ingwekwe alone would be enough medicine to treat chicken pox but in their wisdom, they mix with nalusisi to make you smell disgusting and fend off people who would get close to you and contract the disease as well.


Whereas skills like these are passed on from one generation to another, some of them can be taught. The medicine men and women however guard this knowledge jealously that a man can be a prominent doctor when his wife or children have no idea of what concoctions the man uses. It is why Wauswa caused the death of the child; his father would never trust this knowledge with Wauswa; in fact he had started moving with his last born and we know that he will pass on this knowledge to Yayeli not Wauswa the drunkard.

Next week if I remember, I will tell you the fate of Wauswa; though not related to the above but would see him flee into exile with Wakauna the one who returned with the alien woman!

Till then, we shall keep you posted!

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