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One time, my manager walked into my office and told me that he was putting me on another project. I looked at him and replied “Rubbish. You already have me on 4 projects and my team mates are 1-2 projects and now you wanna give me a 5th project!”.

He walked away saying “but you are the most qualified for this one. Think about it”.  I was determined to still say no.

That afternoon, I meet him at the coffee station.  “How is Rebecca and Natasha? Rebecca must now be 9yrs old and Natasha 6yrs old, right?”

So of course I took the project.

All my managers know the names of my kids and their age.  This is easy if you pay attention when people are talking.  However, in my case, I had to let the managers know when I was gonna have a baby.  We get 52 weeks for parental leave plus the company adds 6 weeks or even your vacation weeks so one can be off work for 60 weeks easily. Of course after you have the baby, the manager will send flowers, a gift basket to the hospital where you are or even at home.  But you would also have emailed your manager to tell him or her if you had a boy or girl and the name of the child. So they keep track of things like these.

The average employee spends more awake time at work than with their family. So it is crucial that the work is exciting, rewarding, challenging and the work environment should be conducive to retaining happy employees.

Ugandan bosses are misled in believing that high unemployment means you can treat your employees like trash “I will hire another one tomorrow after I fire you today”. This attitude works with only low skilled employees. But even then, these ones also have families to feed so you should treat them with respect.

Another manager I had used to ask me “How is everyone back home? Is your dad getting better? If there is anything the company can do, just let me know”.  I told her “I might have to fly home on short notice if my father turns for the worst”.  JUST THINK ABOUT IT. A manager like this, you will give your absolute best because you know they are also watching out for the employee.  As luck holds it, one time I told this manager, I think it was on a Tuesday “I am flying home this Thursday as my father is not getting well”.  REPLY: “Travel safely. Send me an email or fax with updates. When are you flying back?” I gave her the date.

When I was at home, I could not make the flight. Dad died the day before I was to fly back so I sent a fax to my manager and told her what had just happened.  REPLY: “Do not rush to fly back for work. Stay with your family.  Let me know when you will finally be able to fly back. Your team mates are covering for you and we are deeply sad about your dad. Many hugs from all of us.”

Boss: “how do you mean your child is sick and that is why you have to leave early.  I run a business, not a family counselling service. Figure out your own home problems. And if you use that excuse again, I will fire you as there are many looking for jobs!”. How rude!!

Moncton, Canada

Employee turn over is very expensive.

1. Average low skilled worker training takes 1 -3 weeks and you pay them while training them.

2. Middle skilled employees’ training takes 3 -6mths while you pay them.

3. High end skills employees’ training takes 1-2yrs. Ask all doctors and lawyers why they do 2 years of articling or clerking.

Why would anyone in their right mind keep churning employees and cost the company loss of profits?

As much as a terrible employee should be fired so as not to frustrate the good people on the team, a bad manager should be fired promptly. He is affecting the morale of all who report to him.

Every employee who quits out of frustration will tell their entire clan of which everyone will tell their circle of friends.

Next thing you know, customers are not shopping in your supermarket. Qualified people are not applying for jobs in your company.

WORD OF MOUTH is the most powerful marketing / sales tool.


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