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CHANGE OF GUARDS – It is a fact that since independence Uganda has never had a peaceful transfer of power from one Head of State to another.  During the said change of governments, the country witnessed an ugly situation where soldiers of the ousted regime were hunted down by the population and either lynched or set ablaze.  This situation came about because the soldiers, by conduct, had been associated with the misdeeds of the ousted regime.

It happened with the fall of the Iddi Amin regime in 1979 and it again happened with the fall of the Tito Okello military junta in 1986. The same population that had hunted down and lynched the Ugandan dissidents who had invaded the country from Tanzania in 1972 are the same Ugandans who six years later warmly welcomed the same dissidents in 1979 though this time around, they were referred to as Wakombozi (Liberators).  It is these same ‘1979 Liberators’ who were lynched by the population six years later in 1986 this time round being referred to as Anyanya.

When Museveni took power in 1986, his National Resistance Army (NRA) was applauded for being pro people basing on its treatment of civilians. However, in his swearing in ceremony speech on January 26, 1986, Museveni cautioned Ugandans against overrating his NRA’s civil/military relations.

Shortly after, his NRA’s inhumane treatment and gross violation of human rights was set in motion in the Northern and Eastern regions of the country. The NRA went on rampage stealing, looting, killing, arresting, detaining, torturing, encamping and raping. No single NRA personnel has ever been made to account for the heinous war crimes that took place in the two regions. For two decades, the rest of the country was not bothered by what was happening in the affected regions.

Following the return to political pluralism in 1996/2011, the NRA now renamed UPDF openly came out to demonstrate its true identity and characteristics as the military wing or the coercive arm of the Museveni regime part, the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Since then, Museveni has made no secret of ensuring that he militarizes every government sector and society in general.  Consequently, over time the NRA assumed a central role in the management of public affairs and determining the direction of the country. To achieve this, the NRA has irregularly indulged in the following endeavors:

1.  The NRA is involved in revenue collection by where it has excelled in illegal confiscation and theft of traders’ goods, torturing, maiming, and killing of the so-called tax defaulters and providing protection to some preferred smugglers.

2.  The NRA has excelled in determining who wins any elective position. Under the cover of providing ‘election security’, the NRA brutalizes and curtails opposition leaning contenders through harassments, arrests, detention, torture and shooting dead.  The NRA openly campaigns for Museveni and some of his cronies while at the same time it issues threats of not being ready to hand over to any other elected President other than him.

The NRA is used in ballot stuffing and management of secret parallel tally centers which generate the election results that feed into the Electoral Commission for final declaration. During the electoral process, the NRA openly tells Ugandans that it won’t accept any other elected head of state other than Museveni.

3.  The NRA is repeatedly involved in raiding courts of law to reverse court decisions and to violently kidnap suspects from court premises.

4.  The NRA violently raids Parliament where it beats up opposition legislators opposed to rubber stamping some of Museveni’s strategic legislations.

5.  The NRA is leading in the aiding of land grabbing and in some instances top security personnel are directly involved. In the process, it forcefully and violently evicts, facilitates illegal occupation, arrests, tortures, detention, maiming and killing of victims.

6.  The NRA is depleting the country’s forest cover through direct and indirect indulgence into the illegal logging and burning of charcoal and  In the process, many citizens have been arrested, tortured, illegally detained while others have lost their lives and property.

7.  The NRA is directly involved in the management of wildlife and the tourism sector in general. In the process, it arbitrarily tortured, maimed and killed citizens but at the same time it has aided in the smuggling of prohibited wildlife products. A few years ago, Col. Charles Tusiime stole a ton of ivory from UWA strong rooms.

8.  The NRA has taken charge of fisheries activities on the waters in the country where it has excelled in arbitrary shooting dead, torturing and maiming, theft and destruction of private property and illegal fishing and sale of fish on top of preferential issuing of fishing licences.

9.  The NRA is in-charge of artisan mining where it arrests, extorts, torture, kills, steals and destroys private property, facilitates illegal mining and smuggling of such minerals.

10.  The NRA has taken over civilian policing by taking charge of strategic administrative and command positions. Consequently, it practices arbitrarily kidnapping, arresting, extorting, maiming and shooting dead citizens suspected of subscribing to the opposition political beliefs.

11.  The NRA is illegally kidnapping and detaining citizens in illegal torture dungeons subbed ‘Safe Houses’. In some instances, the army has enslaved citizens into labour camps in the islands of Lake Victoria.

12.  The NRA is mismanaging the citizenship and immigration sector where it holds the final say in granting or denial of citizenship. It is involved in the issuing of passports to non citizens – both criminal cartels and foreign political dissidents.

13.  The NRA brutally suppresses peaceful protests by different civil society groups, students and political opposition groups with victims maimed, tortured and in some instances killed.

14.  The NRA is involved in the disorganisation of the public transport sector where it has demonstrated brutality while offering preferential protection of one group against another.

15.  The NRA is involved in the mismanagement and irregularities in the private events sector like music shows, business exhibition, sports and other private functions.  It blocks and curtails those presumed to be opposition political leaning in favor of those pro Museveni.

16.  The NRA is involved in the mismanagement of the agricultural sector where it masquerades as providing extension services under Museveni’s multimillion Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

17.  The NRA is used as a conduit for swindling of public funds through its lion’s share of the national budget. Consequently, some top security managers have become the richest citizens in the country .

18.  The NRA runs a parallel court system where non military citizens are denied justice.

19.  The NRA is deeply involved in the mismanagement of anti corruption efforts. The army led anti corruption agency under State House has a sole mandate of providing a coverup for the well placed corrupt individuals and agencies while at the same time running a scheme to victimize those whose loyalty to the regime is questionable. In the same regard, the NRA is involved in the mismanagement of public works through the deployment of Gen. Katumba Wamala as Minister of Works.

20.  The NRA is involved in the recruitment, training, arming, deployment, command and control of the brutal half-baked partisan militias who harass, extort, torture, maim and kill citizens perceived to be subscribing to the opposition.

The degree of involvement in war crimes, atrocities against the population, partisan conduct and misappropriation of public funds by agencies and individuals, determines the level of loyalty and hence the facilitation, promotion and placement/assignment to positions if responsibility. By comparison, the NRA has far exceeded the alleged excesses and atrocities of the past regime armies against the people of Uganda.

The initial fake harmonious relationship that was presumed to exist between the NRA and the citizens was long irreparably broken. The citizens are very angry with the regime and its custodian, the NRA.  They are convinced beyond any iota of doubt that the NRA is the coercive arm of the Museveni regime.  As had been the case with the past armies, the population is looking forward to an opportunity when they will vent their anger on the skin of some of these soldiers.

Therefore, since the past ousted armies were lynched and burnt alive by the population, when Museveni is ousted from power, some of his NRA personnel may be buried alive by the highly aggrieved population.


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