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PHOTOS: All images may be subject to copyright

PHOTOS: All images may be subject to copyright

PHOTOS: All images may be subject to copyright

CHANGE OF GUARDS – Brian Bagyenda is a son to Museveni’s Director General of Internal Security (DG/ISO). He is facing the murder of his girlfriend, Enid Twijukye in the High Court of Uganda. Prosecution alleges that on January 4, 2017 at Njobe Road, Nakawa Division in Kampala, Brian Bagyenda murdered Enid Twijukye.

In committing the well orchestrated murder, Brian had sought the help of his two accused before they used a pillow case and masking tapes to suffocate her to death and dumping the body in the distant Namanve Forest swamp. After, the heinous crime, he took the trouble to attempt erasing the evidence before he went into hiding in a hotel using a pseudonym, Mujuzi.

The gruesome murder came at the time the country was facing rampant mysterious murders of women in various parts of the city. Brian Bagyenda’s father, Col. Kaka Bagyrnda was at the forefront of posturing to resolve the said rampant murders.

In December 2018, Brian Bagyenda is reported to have confessed to the murder and applied for a plea bargain so that he could in turn be handed a lenient sentence. The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) rejected the plea bargaining before the accused abandoned the plea bargain path and instead took to claiming insanity as a defence to criminal responsibility. Through his Lawyer,Brian is claiming that at the time of the murder he was an outpatient at the mental hospital, Butabika. It was further stated that Dr Brian Mutamba, a psychiatrist from Butabika Hospital who assessed and diagnosed Bagyenda with major depressive episode combined with suicidal and anxiety symptoms was the best person to tell court about Brian’s mental status.

In its final submission, Prosecution contended that;
     “A1 (accused one) Bagyenda is a well-educated and a qualified pharmacist who knew that cutting off someone’s oxygen supply causes death.”

The Court Assessors concurred with the Prosecution;
     “Tying the deceased with a pillowcase, the accused very well knew that this would cut off oxygen supply and eventually cause death. A mentally insane person could not have called his accomplices to help him dump the body in a swamp, hide the deceased’s belongings, and then later go to hide in a hotel where he checked in using a fake name.”

The same lawyer asked court to send his client in custody for his own good, awaiting the decision by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs because he was suffering a disease of the mind.  Fortunately, the said Minister was vetted by Col. Kaka in his capacity as DG/ISO before Museveni made the appointment. It is hoped that he may return the good gesture by declaring Brian insane thus getting off the hook. 

It has been the norm; Gen. Kalekyezi sent the Director of CID to testify in defence of Uwera Nsenga and Museveni pardoned his brother, Gen. Saleh in a US $ 800,000 procurement scandal.

There is even the option of accepting the court verdict in the event of a conviction but get bail pending acquittal as had been the case with the former PS Ministry of Local Government, Muhanguzi Kashaka.  However, since everything is possible under Museveni’s Uganda and court either acquits Brian Bagenda or reduces the murder to manslaughter on grounds of insanity, then his father, Col. Kaka Bagyenda should also be subjected to a mental checkup to establish if the son may have inherited the disease from him. 

This line of argument is premised on the fact that by presiding over the notorious ISO that is illegally detaining, torturing, enslaving, maiming and arbitrarily killing people, the Colonel could also be suffering from a disease of the mind.  It can’t be a coincidence that the son is as merciless as the father. On the contrary, the adage “Like son, like father” may apply.


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