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Gen. Elly Tumwine – PHOTO may be subject to copyright

Uganda Parliament – PHOTO may be subject to copyright

#Kasese #Massacre 2016 – PHOTO may be subject to copyright

Museveni with his leadership army members – PHOTO may be subject to copyright

CHANGE OF GUARDS – Following the passing of a motion to censure Museveni’s powerful Minister of Security, Gen. Elly Tumwine, the movers of the motion are struggling to raise the required 150 signatures in support from Members of Parliament. Gen. Tumwine is accused of obstruction of a parliamentary committee on Human Rights that was investigating the existence of illegal detention and torture dungeons by Museveni’s security outfits.

Gen. Tumwine is Museveni’s top confidant and political aide. Tumwine has been a Member of Parliament for the last 34 years. Currently, his key role in parliament is to gag the army representatives from their freedom of expression, to scare elected civilian members from freedom of expression over controversial issues and to sway the debate and voting patterns of members on critical issues thorough blackmail, bribery and intimidation. Within security circles and the entire regime hierarchy, Gen. Tumwine is so powerful that he is among those who are above the law. His arrogance is detested by all his fellow M.Ps from across the political divide. However, since the General has the powers of determining who is appointed to the cabinet or not and even who comes back to Parliament or not during the next elections, many hypocritical members will fear appending their signatures. 

The censure motion for Gen. Tumwine coincides with Dr. Besigye’s Peoples’ Government petition to the ICC for the indictment of Museveni and some of his close aides for crimes against humanity.  Obviously, the regime is denying all the accusations before the ICC and claiming that the opposition petitioners are simply playing politics. The gross violation of human rights and, in particular, the physical torture and arbitrary killing of Ugandans is the lifeline of the Musevey regime. Institutionalized atrocities by security forces on opponents to Museveni’s real or perceived, political opponents is the lifeline of his regime. A successful censure motion against Gen. Tumwine by Parliament would not only demoralize the dreaded security machinery but strengthen the opposition’s petition before the ICC. 

Secondly, Museveni has been fighting to subdue the institution of Parliament and the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga in particular. Gen.Tumwine has been at the forefront of this proxy war. By letting Parliament censure Gen. Tumwine, the Speaker of  Parliament will have trounced Museveni. In his estimates, a successful censure against Gen.Tumwine will open the way for more censure of his other cohorts and possibly impeachment proceedings against himself over among other potential charges, the US $ 500,000 bribe from the Chinese. 

Therefore, from the a foregoing, Museveni will use all means possible to fail the censure of Gen. Tumwine by Parliament. 


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