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Why it is unfair to convict Bosco Ntaganda but not Museveni and company

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013 at 05:50

Once the newly passed out RCD-ML rebels flown in from Kampala took charge of security in Bunia town, Prof. Wamba protested by mobilising his forces that included Ex-FAZ (Mobutu army). Bosco Ntaganda attacked and overwhelmed Prof. Wamba’s forces though with heavy losses on both sides. Civilian casualties and destruction of property was high. Prof. Wamba was only saved from being killed by Col. Charles Angina who took the initiative to move the only tank in Bunia town from the airport to Wamba’s residence.

Gen. Kazini instead ordered Capt. Tinka of NRA Military Police to side with RCD-ML forces who were under the command of Bosco Ntaganda against Prof. Wamba’s forces. CMI’s Pte. Odong had been planted on Prof. Wamba’s security detail in order to spy on him. Prof. Wamba’s militias who had completed military training in Uganda were instead flown directly to Gbadolite from Entebbe and handed over to Bemba’s MLC. NRA’s 53rd Batallion under the command of David Muhoozi (now CDF) that had earlier been ordered to head for Bafasende to help another warlord, Rogers Lumbala was recalled back to Bunia from half way their journey.

When Bosco Ntaganda murdered an Ex-FAZ Intelligence Officer of the Prof. Wamba faction, the situation in Bunia town became more tense between the pro-Mbusa and pro-Wamba supporters. The population protested and demanded for the arrest of Bosco Ntaganda. NRA’s political leader Col. Otafire took Bosco Ntaganda to Kampala where he was detained at Mbuya Barracks. Museveni sent Col. Otafire to convince Prof. Wamba to abandon leadership but the Prof. was defiant. Museveni took a decision to topple Prof. Wamba. The Prof. together with some of his government officials were flown to Kampala and held there. This marked the end of Prof. Wamba’s RCD-Kisangani faction. Prof. Wamba’s personal Physician – Dr. Kabeya was hospitalised in Mulago Hospital from where he escaped and fled Uganda together with his CMI guard, Pte. Bogere.

Now that Prof. Wamba and his RCD-K faction had been phased out, Mbusa’s RCD-ML took full control of Bunia. With NRA’s facilitation, Mbusa’s RCD-ML faction entered into alliance with Bemba’s MLC but the Lendu FNI refused to join the coalition. In the further northern part of Ituri NRA’s Col. Peter Kerim was in charge of coordinating the NRA’s support for the FPDC of Thomas Unen Chen. Also, the NRA had created the FAPC of Jerome Kakwavu in areas of Mahagi and Aru. The alliance of RCD-ML and MLC soon collapsed due to disagreements over revenue sharing and appointment of a Governor by the NRA.

The NRA suspected that Mbusa Nyamwisi was making contacts with Kigali and Kinshasha to seek new alliances. The RCD-ML battalion that had earlier been armed by the NRA in Bombo deserted in big numbers. Museveni, worried that the UG-engraved AK 47 rifles could in future act as evidence of NRA’s armament of militia factions, ordered for an operation to recover these arms. Col. Angina who spearheaded the house-to-house search operation assisted by CMI Officers namely Capt. Tinka, Lt. Geoffrey Babumba, Lt. Kashilingi and Pte. Kijara only succeeded in recovering just a few arms.

With loss of confidence in Mbusa Nyamwisi’s RCD-ML, the NRA moved to weaken it.
NRA facilitated Tom Lubanga (ICC indictee) to form the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC). With the Hema business tycoon Tibasiima Atenyi as the chief financier, the UPC was a Hema militia group. The NRA released Bosco Ntaganda from Mbuya and flew him to Bunia to take charge of the UPC militias as Army Commander. Recruitment and training of Himas intensified. Earlier, the NRA 53rd Bn had ordered the RCD-K appointed neutral Governor to leave but he had resisted using MLC forces backed by Kazini.

The formation of the Hema dominated UPC and the reappointment of a Hema governor confirmed the suspicion of the Lendus and other agriculturalist communities that the NRA was bent on propping up a Tutsi like situation. UPC’s ultimatum for RCD -K to leave Bunia only intensified the massacres between the Hema and Lendu ethnic communities. Tom Lubanga being a Mugegere by ethnicity and Bosco Ntaganda seen as a Rwandese, both were not popular among Congolese. The Rwanda backed RCD-Goma had by now expanded its operation towards Ituri region. Tom Lubanga and his UPC switched sides and registered the backing of Rwanda. UPC mobilised Congolese in Bunia for a mass uprising demanding for independence. Tom Lubanga issued an ultimatum for the NRA to leave Bunia.


Therefore, from the about facts, there is no way any tribunal can convict Bosco Ntaganda for war crimes in Ituri without charging him jointly with his sponsors, Museveni and his lieutenants. Otherwise, what gave rise to billions in reparation that was ordered by the ICJ for Uganda to pay to Congo!!!


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