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USA: Nikki Haley Blasts US Political Climate, Says it Reaches ‘The Point of Hate’ 

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The former UN ambassador under President Trump said US people should calm down and stop calling each other “evil” over politics because the political debate is nowhere near the true evil she saw in distant parts of the world.

Former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley lamented the present state of US politics saying it is “reaching the point of hate.”
Speaking at Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) Young Women’s Leadership Summit, she warned that the current US political climate approaches dangerous levels of enmity.

“My concern really is the fact that when I hear how toxic the politics are — I believe in being passionate, I do. But when it gets toxic and I say that now it’s getting to where people are calling each other evil. They’re hiding behind anonymous things and they’re saying things that are really reaching the point of hate,” Haley said, according to The Daily Caller.

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Haley implied that people should never call each other evil since political quarrels are nothing near the things that comprise real evil.

“When I hear them call each other evil, it bothers me because I’ve seen evil. I’ve been to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they use rape as a weapon of war. I’ve been to South Sudan where they’ve taken babies from women’s arms and thrown them into fires. … That’s evil. 
What we’re having in our country is a debate of ideas. That’s it,” Haley said.
She called on Americans to remember to be “grateful,” because even during the worst days, American citizens are “blessed” to live in America instead of those countries.


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Nikki Haley is thought to be planning to run for the presidency in 2024 so as not to conflict with Donald Trump. Earlier in January, a source close to Haley told People’s Pundit Daily that Haley would run in 2020 race only if “something were to happen with Trump.”

When TPUSA President Charlie Kirk introduced Haley at the summit, he named Haley as a former UN ambassador and “maybe other things in the future,” The Daily Caller report says. In his closing remarks, he directly stated that he would “love” to see Haley become the “first woman president.”

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