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Uganda’s future lies in replacing the bushmen with the youth

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In developed politics and promising democracies one thing that stands out of all is political compromise where differing parties always find a thin line that brings them together for the sake of the country not party, religion, tribe or cuckoon. As Ugandans, especially we who have never seen any other president but Gen. Yoweri Museveni, we find it difficult to associate and support him unless we have been lured by money or promise of a job.  Nevertheless, our numerical might makes it difficult for us all to be bribed.

Any observer will realize that the majority of Ugandans who happen to be younger than 35 do not support the sitting presidency. Funny enough they also don’t support his opposers. Those who try to identify themselves with one side or the other always end up in the opposite or are swerved to the fence.

A number of factors explain why the majority Ugandans do not associate themselves with any political faction but in my opinion the lack of direction by the leading political factors plays a major role.

When you look at the ruling gang all you see is a group of people who are in power to stay without any agenda for the country but their party and maybe their leader.  The opposition is just as clueless and the moment you choose to associate with them you will have joined a group of angry people whose mission is to remove the ruling gang and replace them with the disgruntled fellas then figure out what to do for the country later.

This might annoy some few extremists but of late some of us have found reason to listen and read more from Andrew Mwenda than from Nobert Mao.  You will find even more youth now listening to Tamale Mirundi instead of  Dr. Besigye.  We should should read signs from the Kyadondo East by-election when the whole nation turned eyes and hopes in a political riff ruff, a ragamuffin, thus defying the king of defiance and the owner of Uganda’s oil and money.  If there is anyone that lost the Kyadondo East by-election,  it was none other than FDC.

A semblance of the same happened at the peak of Dr Stella Nyanzi’s activism. We saw a nation moved by the ridicule directed to the occupants of the State House because literary we had found a way of hitting back at the causers of our torment and challenges as young people.  Some of you will also remember the vigor with which many of us welcomed the entrance of Hon. Amama Mbabazi to the presidency.

Diagnosing the problem.

From the above you may say that Ugandans especially young people don’t know what they really want. Nay, they know and know it very well. The biggest problem we now face is the big distraction that stands in our away and that is none other than the “Bushmen”. By this we refer to the so called liberators who went an extra mile past liberation and pushed us into turmoil that may require same spirit as theirs to get out of.

All that these guys solved was political chaos and one would have expected them to handover the mantle to leaders who had the ability to lead the country on all the fronts; political, economic and social.

The long protracted political hobnobbing has led to a standstill that we can call leadership vacuum. Thus we are faced with a situation where the citizens hate their leaders and don’t trust their would be liberators in the opposition.

Give us back our country.

After writing all this I have not made a point but I have successfully kept you glued to the problem. It would thus be reasonable to suggest solutions that would give us a leeway to the way forward.

However all this is as simple as guys in politics relinquishing politics to the owners of Uganda.

It is difficult for the ruling gang but the opposition would set a good precedence by ridding us of the Besigyes, Muntus then the NRM rids us of Otafires, Kivejinja, Museveni, Kayihuras and the like. It is only then that we shall have a like minded response to peaceful demonstrations and other civil disobediences as allowed in the constitution. The reason we see militaristic response to a Facebook post is because we have police bosses who can only respond to treason and army officers who only know how to hit at the rebels and terrorists.

Faced with former comrades in opposition no wonder the response is to unleash military tankers and dress military in police uniforms to suppress unarmed protesters.

It is why when a suspect is nabbed, his heels are removed to extract a confession. These are popularly gaining notoriety from the opposition who are everyday drawing closer to extremism and radicalisation.

If we want to see a better situation we shall need to see all these guys quit our politics. If they don’t then we may need to push them out. But can we when they own all the money, military, positions in opposition and businesses. “You can never stop an idea whose time is ripe” someone said.

It is why I find it hard to believe that there are people who even think that the cap on age is an inconvenience. Removal of the age limit does not help the situation, it just allows it to continue for a while as the younger generation are entrenched into the bad politics and systems of the bushmen.

To any reasonable young person the age limit that would cause mayhem and we agitate for its removal would be the minimum age. Inspite of their being majority, we now live in a country where 78% of the citizens don’t qualify to be elected to be president but we spend a lot of our time agitating for 10% who cry foul for having been left out for biological reasons.

If the youth are not angry maybe the time is not ripe!


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