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Uganda’s elections of 2021 should be cancelled – @KagutaMuseveni @KizzaBesigye1 @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @FDCofficial1 @RugyendoQuotes @UG_edge

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By MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA (long live Bududa)!! Amen

I may not always be right but I have never been wrong. You can even Google it. MLN

At some point, someone must say what most Ugandans fear to say. Here is where Leah comes in.

Below let me tell you why the February 2021 elections should be cancelled or if they must happen, opposition should boycott them.

1) We are in a pandemic and opposition cannot hold rallies. Opposition is hence constricted from reaching out to the people. Polo’s people are campaigning freely though. Actually, now that I think about it, our Chief Medical Officer aka Dr. Ruth Jane Aceng was campaigning in Lira to become an MP without masks or social distancing. I will one day write about that whole thing. Except for now, we must face some imminent questions.

2) Uganda opposition only participate in the fake elections to cement Posiko in power. I know what I am talking about. FDC has been opposition since 2001 and what have we seen from them?

3) Gen. (Rtd) Mugisha Muntu is the only person who qualifies as an opposition leader. I will expound on my, this opinion, next month.

4) H.E Bobi Wine is a power that must not be ignored. However, ,, let me try to put this gently… oba how. Maybe let me not state why he must wait till 2056. Just my opinion.

5) Dr. Kizza Besigye is irrelevant. He did incredible work till he became a dictator. You should try to criticise KB on social media and you will see that KB is no different from YKM.

6) We have some others who are running for President of Uganda. PLEASE, save our OTT. However, Gen. Henry Tumukunde should not be ignored. For a FACT, he has no chance in hell. That man is lethal. Do you remember what he did in the 2016 elections? He is like….oh gosh, I have no way of politeness of how to say this. Anyway, please check what my team wrote about Tumukunde in the past. 

Thursday, 5 March 2020


CHANGE OF GUARDS – Henry Tumukunde has just publicly declared his intention to contest for the presidency of Uganda in the forthcoming general elections. It is widely alleged that in 2003, during a retreat of the Museveni regime, Gen. Tumukunde publicly opposed Museveni’s constitutional amendment to remove the Presidential two term limit. Around early 2004, then  Brig. Tumukunde was  charged together with 21 other army officers for creation of ghost soldiers and theft of soldiers’ salaries.

In May 2005, Tumukunde appeared on CBS and Radio One where he voiced his disappointment with the way Museveni was running the country. On CBS FM, he said:. “I want to retire from the army but they are not releasing me.” He also attacked the issue of lifting term limits:. “Changing the Constitution has terrible history in Uganda. Obote charged it and you saw the outcome, it started the chain of so many problems in the country.” Tumukunde went ahead to lament over what he perceived as his unfair treatment:.  “…….but for me it’s grave – gw’owonya egere y’alikuesa (the foot you save is what kills you). I find it very, very unfair. I was very, very hard-working, I worked so hard but my returns are in the negative. Obote was a dictator but he allowed people to argue their political views, practice their ideology and form parties.”                                 

Immediately after the above, Tumukunde was arrested and charged with spreading harmful propaganda. The General, who was at the time a Member of Parliament representing the army, was forced to resign from parliament. The sham trial for charges of abuse of office and spreading of harmful propaganda before the Court Martial went on for the next eight years before Museveni let Tumukunde off the hook and promoted Tumukunde to Lt. Gen. and allowed him to retire.

Tumukunde’s so-called retirement was driven by the urgency of Museveni assigning Tumukunde the task of neutralizing the then Museveni’s political rival and former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi. Tumukukunde led a very powerful campaign, Special Task Force for Museveni. At one time, Tumukunde provocatively landed his campaign chopper in the middle of the Mbabazi campaign venue.  Tumukunde excellently perfected the task and was rewarded with a bullet shot in the leg around March 2016 a few meters away from where he had landed his chopper four months earlier.

However, Tumukunde was awarded with a cabinet position of Minister of Security in June 2016.  Around late 2017, Museveni sent the army to invade parliament and beat up M.Ps who were opposed to his scrapping of the constitutional age limit of 75 years for the presidency of Uganda. Gen. Tumukunde wholeheartedly supported the amendment. In December 2017, just a week after passing of the controversial Age Limit Bill, Gen. Tumukunde who was then the Minister of Security, said that Ugandans “should not fear” that the amendment of the presidential age limit implied “life presidency” for Museveni. According to Gen. Tumukunde, that notion was wrong.  He was speaking at a thanksgiving reception of John and Mary Betubiiza that was held at their home in Rutenga Cell, Nyabikoni ward in Kabale municipality.

Tumukunde went ahead to say that the NRM party was looking for a successor who would be introduced to the public “very soon”.  He further argued that when the right time comes, the party members would be informed. “But of now”, he went on; “Museveni is still and will be our leader till that person is got.”  He also assured the gathering that the person won’t be him (Tumukunde) or anyone in the top party leadership, “but a young person.”  He, however, noted the amendment of the bill was intended to buy them time as they get the “right” person.         

“… as NRM, we don’t want to rush into changing the party leadership … that’s why we recently supported the amendment of the age of the president; so that President Museveni, the NRM president can stand again as we look for his successor … not to be like what happened in Kenya when President Daniel Toroitich  Arap Moi left Kenya African National Union (KANU) and it’s now no more.”

However, Museveni relieved Gen. Tumukunde of his cabinet position in March 2018 to conform with the sacking of Gen. Kalekyezi who had been the Police Chief.  While the bickering between the two Generals over power, influence and control of resources fitted into Museveni’s designs, what prompted him to crack the whip was the Rwanda factor. While Minister of Security, Gen. Tumukunde was said to aid the Rwandan dissidents, the Police Chief, Gen. Kalekyezi was said to be working for Rwanda in monitoring the activities of its dissidents. To dupe both Rwanda and Ugandans, Museveni sacked both Generals. However, Rwanda continues to claim that Gen.Tumukunde continued to be a key player in aiding the dissidents. In this regard, there is no doubt that Gen. Tumukunde’s presidential bid draws the attention of Rwanda.

Gen. Tumukunde is not an ordinary General. He is the only fighter who was smuggled from the Bush to London for specialized medical treatment after he was fatally shot and injured in 1984. He is married to the niece of Museveni’s wife. Unlike other senior army officers who have been terribly humiliated, Gen. Tumukunde’s so-called eight years of incarceration was more of a long holiday break. While his colleagues have been to prison, Tumukunde was held at the Officers Mess and later released on bail and confined to his residence. At one time, he even had the guts of slapping the gullible Intelligence Officer from Military Police who was escorting him to the Court Martial.  Despite his so-called long incarceration, retirement, dropping from cabinet and grounding, his political, social and economic influence has continued to shine. His description as a very good mobilizer is premised on the fact that owing to his strong personal connections with the First Family, all his past assignments have always been adequately facilitated financially and logistically let alone the security muscle. Without those factors, Gen. Tumukunde would be a lame duck in the political arena.

His Presidential bid has been accelerated by the fear of humiliation by the potential come back of his political power rivals – Amama Mbabazi and Gen. Kalekyezi. Speculation is ripe that Museveni is rehabilitating the two before being returned on board. Gen. Tumukunde’s presidential bid represents the radical Hima and other regime sycophants.  However, he has the uphill task of facing Ugandans and explaining why he supported the removal of Museveni’s Age Limit in 2017, his accumulated wealth, his arrogance, his past role in election rigging, his role in supporting the Rwandan dissidents, his role in the persecution of political opponents and gross human rights abuses when he was the head of Museveni’s Intelligence outfits.

One thing that is clear is that Tumukunde is not a mole sent by Museveni to disorganize the opposition.  However, his bid will negatively impact the opposition more especially the strength of the People Power platform in Buganda region. It’s for this reason that Museveni will not seriously disrupt Tumukunde’s bid. Within the Museveni regime, Gen. Tumukunde’s bid is an insurance against potential threats on the status quo in the event Museveni is to be dislodged from power.

Is he the “young person” (replacement to Museveni) that he promised Ugandans in December 2017!!!


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