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Ugandans outraged over their daughter being cropped out of a Davos photo

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Locusts invade East Africa, Uganda included. Image may be subject to copyright

The outrage of Ugandans for Vanessa being cropped out of the AFP photo and Associated Press using it; well, everyone is saying it is racism and this might very well be true.

However, It is utter rubbish. Associated Press is under no obligation to serve Uganda. If Ugandans want, let them start their own equivalent of Associated Press instead of the tabloids and Museveni mouth pieces.

I did not like the way media was reporting news in Uganda so I started my own news site.

Yoou are just a generation of ENTITLED youth who think the world owes you.  The world owes you nothing.  Do your job and keep at it unless you went into it for looking for glory. #ClimateChange is not about Photo Ops! It is a crisis of immense proportion and yet Ugandans are busy discussing the young lady instead of the flooding and locusts which are slamming the country. Ladies and gentlemen, these are results of #ClimateChange.

You are a country which always focuses on trivialities instead of working on solutions to the problems you face daily. You should then never complain that Museveni is a dictator. Fools deserve to be ruled over by a brutal dictator. What will you do when the locusts destroy all your crops? Will you ask Associated Press to come run a story of your starving dying relatives?


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