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UGANDA: Youth must embrace technology, not just social media

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I have this wonderful memory of my brother James Wamema.

After our family had been transferred from Nairobi back to Kampala, in the temporary Nakesero apartments by State House, which was different from living in a gated house in Kileleshwa, my brother kept bullying me.

One day, I took the phone to call father and tell him “James is doing it again”, my brother grabbed the phone from my hands.

I waited till he went to read his comics (Spiderman) and then took the phone and smashed it into pieces.  James looks at me “mzee is so gonna kill you when he returns and realises that you broke the phone”.  I was still very angry. VERY.  I took the radio and smashed it down too.

That evening, mzee returned home to listen to the fights.  I was still livid and he had to hear my mind.  Because my brother was now acting as if I was the one who was in the wrong.  But he kept beating me up all day.  Not really beating, he used to give me tiny slaps and then I would go insane.

MZEE:  Okay, James, you will leave your sister alone for now.  Call me at work if she annoys you but never try to slap to her.

To me: “Leah, you are going to rebuild that telephone.  When you are done, you are going to put the radio together too”.  WTF???

He then proceeds to show me the books in our family library.  Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Telecommunications.

I am now looking at this man and thinking, “there is no way he is my father.  There is no way in hell I will read them damn stupid books”.  I was I think 12 or 13yrs of age.

James laughed his head off.

Following day, I had put back together everything everything I had broken the previous day.  I then learned “Never break what you cannot fix”.

Mzee Daniel Nangalama’s punishment for me smashing things up may have been harsh for a child.  However, he taught me to repair things I break.  Ugandans should learn about BREAK and FIX.

What is sad, many times, we break things we cannot repair.  Like relationships.  You cannot repair a broken relationship the way you can wire up a phone or radio.  I hope you all have a great week and reflect on responsibility in everything you do.  One day, you will be reminded of what you did.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda
PS:  My kids learned early not to break anything they cannot fix.

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