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UGANDA: Youth are lazy – Matama

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Here is another story of #BackOfThoseDays

Namagunga never used to allow kids in S1 to S4 (O ‘Level) to bring kettles to school.  But we were so hungry.  They used to feed us on only rice and peas.

So, one time this kid, whose father was an engineer gave us advice.  Take two wires and coil from your bed. Stick the two wires in the electrical circuit.  Wire them to the coil.  Put the coil in a cup of water. Add katono salt and it will boil.

We used to go to school with Bushera (millet flour). You should try it. What you do is take a spoon or two of it, put it in a cup, mix with cold water to make a thick paste. Then when your water boils, you pour it into the cup while stirring rapidly.  VOILA, you now have millet poridge.

Until the day some kid fell asleep while doing the above and nearly set the dormitory on fire.

Capuis lined all of us up to confess.  No kid confessed.  COWARDS LIVE LONGER. I immediately confessed that some kid had taught us how to wire up electricity.  Do you know how many kids were suspended due to that incident?  Leah was not one of them. Come on, do I look that stupid? If I make a mistake, I own up to it immediately.

These days I hear that Namagunga offers a 6 course meal. Damn!



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