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UGANDA: Your poor reading habits will cost you lives

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Back to the story of the young lady jailed in Dubai for drug trafficking.

In 2014, I wrote details about drug trafficking, human mules and human trafficking.  Few of you read it.

I met a lady in 2014 who had just been deported from Uganda.  She had flown from Florida to Entebbe.  She is a missionary.

When she was leaving Tampa airport, her suitcases got broken (ripped, torn).  Some good Samaritans bought her brand new suitcases.  With her being a missionary, she accepted the luggage, packed her clothes and flew to Uganda.

Upon landing at Entebbe, she was arrested, spent a month in jail and then got deported.  The 3 suitcases, brand new, had been lined with cocaine for her to take to Kampala upon which the traffickers would get the drugs then move them onto final destination.

NOW listen.

One time flying back from home, Vancouver airport had sniffer dogs all over and the immigration agents were ransacking all the luggage.  Being that I was a student, they did not make me open my luggage.

The immigration agent asked me:

1) Did you pack your luggage yourself?  NON I DID NOT.  My older sister packed it for me.

2) Did you leave your luggage unattended when you were in Amsterdam? NON, I did not.

I then asked him why he was asking those questions.

His reply: “drugs are usually packed in your luggage if you did not pack it yourself. But given that your sister packed your luggage, I doubt she would want to hear that you are in jail. We ask about leaving your luggage unattended because a trafficker can slip drugs into your luggage when you are not looking and when you land here, the trafficker will grab your luggage or just pick out the drugs.  So, never leave your luggage unattended. Also, never carry any parcels or packages for anyone unless you search them yourself to ensure there is no contraband”.

The thing with Uganda trafficking is one story I earlier shared.  A nice looking woman (usually woman) will offer to fly you to Beijing or Hong Kong for a job.  The poverty level and desperation in Uganda is alarming so the poor youth gets a visa, airline ticket, brand new suitcases. Flies to Beijing. Lands and this is not your day.  You are arrested and you are on death row.

PLEASE READ.  It could save your life.

HUMAN MULES are people who ingest drugs and then shit them or vomit them after they get to the location.  But what is interesting about this is sometimes the drugs burst in your belly and next thing you know, you are dead.  Emitwe egyo.   The pay is very good but please, just get a job.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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