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Bududa Landslides. Photo may be subject to copyright


In our very simple life we also have challenges. This year has been rather strange, with various cases of infidelity. I told you about my neighbor’s wife who was bitten by a snake. She had eloped with another man. The anthill which they had chosen had a snake inside.

It is said that the ecstasy of the moment could not allow the woman to notice that it was a snake bite . And even when she did, the man had ignored it until he saw the large “mamba leo” (as we call big snakes) slipping away.

The time lapse and the activity of the moment accelerated her death. This story was only revealed after her burial.

Then there is this strange story of Weboye being locked in his hut and a burning cloth laced with red pepper thrown inside the hut. It is suspected that it’s Wandwasi who did this. He had been tipped that his lover, Musuya was inside Weboye’s hut.

We all remember how Weboye ceded Nabumia to Wandwasi arising from their friendship. After circumcision, any fresh man is inducted into adult life and responsibilities. Since Weboye was not at school anymore, his mother brought him Nabumia from Burukuru. But Weboye had sworn never  to marry from the same area as his nemesis Wakauna and he had to find a way of eluding Nabumia.

But because he did not want to annoy his mother, he accepted Nabumia and took her to his hut.

Of course, his mother did not just dump the girl at Weboye.
The story is long but Weboye’s mother knew her son’s weakness and so, when she went to see her sister in Burukuru and explaining the problem, Nakhumitsa, Weboye’s aunt organized and sent Nabumia to live with Weboyes.

Since they were not related by blood, Weboye could relate with Nabumia as any young man in a family when a teenage girl is brought in the household. Bagisu have a rhetorical saying, “Wabonakho ingokho ilinda lulo?” meaning can you ask chicken to take care of millet?

After he had healed from his circumcision, Weboye had officially initiated himself through Nandutu and he was now free to make love with a woman that he wishes to marry. But he did not want to marry a woman from Burukuru. He sought out Wandwasi and after a lengthy discussion, they agreed to a deal.

That night when Nabumia was sent to sleep in Weboye’s hut, she had finished her chores before twilight and with the moon bright, they had served the supper in the bright light and eaten in silence. Nabumia was anxious and she did not eat more than two pieces of the cassava (shibabu).
Fearfully she entered the hut, unfolded the mat leaving two folds to serve as the pillow. Nakhumitsa before sending her to Busiu had told Nabumia of the things that a woman should do but Nabumia did not expect this to be so soon.

For Weboye, after supper he had remained behind with his father talking in hushed tones until Weboye’s mother called out to her husband.
As Weboye walked to his hut, the only question on his mind was, “will Wandwasi turn up as agreed?”

Till then, we shall keep you posted!

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