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PHOTO taken by Mataya. He likely owns the copyright


Leader: Nyanga nyanganya nyanganya
All: kyamushelele
Leader: Nyanga nyanganya nyanganya
All: kyamushelele
Leader: iwe inyukha uloke khubone
All: Kyamushelele
Leader: iwe inyukha ubine khubone
All: kyamushelele

As they sang this and danced, the pupils formed a beautiful procession; boys have to put off their shirts and the girls removed their dresses and remained in their under-pants.

The teacher would choose who to lead the team during the P.E


Everything was so organised that you would take it for a troupe. No one sits in class and teaches the children how to do this, the musical plays are passed on from their elder siblings. Some are in Luganda but most of them in Lugisu.

They formed a circle and two were selected; one was to be pusi (a cat) while the other was emesse (rat). The cat was left outside the circle while rat inside. The arms of those that formed the circle were interlocked to keep the cat out.

There after, they started singing;
Agoba agoba
Agob’emesse “

After the two songs, the pupils were separated and the boys were organised in groups of three. Two boys stood side by side. Each of the two boys would hold their hands behind their backs then interlock palms to form a surface so that the third boy can climb and be carried by the two, with his head protruding to portray an image of a crested crane, the two carriers would then walk singing;
Walya mayiito

This was the best moment of school for Weboye and Wandwasi. Weboye was also very good with art and craft when the teacher would ask them to make anything that can be used for home chores.

And because his father was a Carpenter, Weboye would easily shape out kumwiini for the hoe and kumukango for mingling. In spite of this skill, Weboye always preferred making brooms using bususu because the pupils making brooms had the liberty to roam the wilderness looking for bususu.

Weboye and other boys would go roaming the bushes of Mabanga and Namunyu looking for the grass to make brooms for handcraft class.


It was during one of those roamings when Weboye declared that he had not cut kumutaari. All the other boys were surprised that at his age, Weboye has not been prepared for circumcision. Immediately, a termite was mobilised, Weboye asked to pull his foreskin backwards and the termite set upon the small lining that holds the lower side of the foreskin to his manhood. Once set, the termite dug its fangs into the skin and Weboye jumped in pain. By the time, it was done or by the time he managed to fling the termite off, it had finished its job. That is the first time a boy sheds blood in preparation for manhood.


On this particular Friday as they were roaming the wilderness, the youngest boy of the group, Shimanya went to pluck lusongofa. He wanted to use it for the craft work. Jokingly, Weboye asked Shimanya to test the effectiveness of the gum by putting it to his manhood. The boys gathered as Shimanya dropped the gum to his manhood. After applying, it did not take long until the boy wanted to pee. It was then that he realised the graveity of this act.

The sap of Lusongofa forms gum which has a firm grip when applied to the skin. It is said that when this gum drops in your eye, the only redemption is when sheep milk is applied or else, one goes blind. There was only one sheep in the whole village and it was a ram. Shimanya’s manhood started swelling and the boy writhing in pain. We had to report to Mr Masinde back at school but since there was nothing much Mr Masinde would do, a stretcher was quickly assembled out of wood and ropes and the boy was carried home.

When the father saw his son’s swollen manhood, only one idea came to his mind; we have to remove the foreskin.

“But this is a year for girls, my son cannot be circumcised in an odd year” Shimanya’s mother reminded her husband!

Till then, we shall keep you posted!

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