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CHANGE OF GUARDS – Musevenism has turned China into Uganda’s new colonial master. With the recent emergence of China as a major world power, Museveni opportunistically abandoned the west and wholesomely embraced China. Its authoritarian and dictatorial credentials fits into Museveni’s agenda for Uganda. Consequently, the influence of China is felt everywhere in the political, economic and social arena in Uganda. 

When the Corona Virus hit China, many countries including those from Africa made efforts to evacuate their Nationals from China. In Uganda, the Museveni regime defiantly rejected all appeals for particularly evacuating the Ugandan students in China. One such student, Thomas Kanzira was all over the media giving updates of the plight of Ugandan students who are stuck in China. The Minister of Health told Parliament that “government was sending money to those students for their upkeep”. However, controversy arose from the figures for the students; some students who are on the ground claim a figure of less than 100 students while the Minister claims more than 200.”
Obviously, the discrepancy is due to the fact that the criteria of awarding scholarships to Ugandans for studies abroad is always marred in controversy as characterized by sectarianism, patronage and nepotism. If these students were to be evacuated, the country would be shocked to learn that almost 98% hail from one region of the country.

Uganda’s Ambassador to China also reinforced the regime’s position thus;
    “Evacuating Ugandans from China now requires a lot of preparations and has grave implications. There are even no flights to Wuhan now. If you evacuate 100 people, you may have to isolate them in a whole village,”  He went ahead to argue that it is “If suspected cases left China and are not properly quarantined in Uganda, the virus could spread across the country and beyond. Just like we have advised the Chinese in Uganda not to go to China and the Chinese in China not to come to Uganda, even our embassy officials are not allowed to go to Wuhan.”

The Minister of Health  contradicted the Ambassador’s statement in her response to the issue of Chinese Nationals, Uganda government officials and other high profile personalities who continue to come into Uganda from China.

    “The three suspected cases in Sseeta, Mukono have not presented any symptoms. Those are Chinese working in staff factory that we isolated there. We asked them to put on masks. People seeing them with masks are assuming they have symptoms. They don’t. We have been following them up on a daily basis, they are okay.”

As a way of duping parliament, the regime’s Chief Whip informed the house that Cabinet was considering the best option for the date of these students. 

As usual, since then the matter has been to rest. However, what is clear is that the Museveni regime is exploiting the outbreak of the Corona Virus to reaffirm it’s solidarity with communist China. In fact, God forbid, it would more appropriately suit the scheme if some Ugandan students lost their lives to the Corona Virus in China. That way, Uganda not only hits the world headlines but draws the attention of the authoritarian regime of China. Already, the Chinese authoritarian government is threatening serious reprimand against the said Ugandan student, Thomas Kanzira who has been publicizing the fate of Ugandan students in China in the face of the Corona Virus.  There is no doubt, to appease China, the Museveni regime will also seriously reprimand the said student. Moreover, going by his name (Kanzira), he is a Munyarwanda and owing to the prevailing bad relations between Kampala and Kigali, the former’s security agencies must be in the process of profiling him if he is for Kagame or Museveni. 

Therefore, from the a foregoing, it can be argued that by abandoning the students in China, the Museveni regime is trying to prove to keep their sectarianism identities from the public domain and to appease China that Uganda is a friend in need and a friend indeed. 


—— AUTO – GENERATED; Published (Halifax Canada Time AST) on: February 20, 2020 at 09:30PM

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