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CHANGE OF GUARDS – It is not in dispute that some unscruplous Ugandans have been and continue to extort money from unsuspecting victims through intimidation by claiming to be from State House, URA and security agencies. Citizens and foreigners residing in Uganda have fallen victim. The latest incident has been highlighted by an undercover investigation that was conducted by NBS Television  in July and dubbed THE MILK SHAKE. Video footage shows a group of young men plotting to fleece Pearl Diary who produce Lato Milk. They claimed to be from UNBS and accused the company of selling expired milk for which they demanded for a kickback of 800m shillings. The move was initiated by a worker in the same company who provided the information. In their plot, they use both English and Runyankole. The star actor is a one Solomon ABAHO. The Museveni law firm of Kiwanuka Kirwowa was at hand to facilitate the extortion.

Just early last month (August), another ABAHO who is an Army Captain from Museveni’s elite SFC in the company of Wilberforce TURYAKIRA claiming to be officers from NEMA moved to extort money from a one Ester Ampumuza whom they accused of constructing her house in a wetland. In an effort to boost their strength, at a later stage they claimed to be officers from State House. The victim was lucky to be known to a certain military General who she called for her rescue before the two extorters were arrested.

In June 2020, Ronald MUHUMUZIBWA and Francis MUTAMBUZI opened a fake Facebook account in the names of the Commissioner General of URA which they used to extort money by falsely promising jobs and contracts in URA.

In February 2019, John Bo’s KWESIGA who claimed to be an employee of State House falsely obtained money from victims in Mbarara on false promises that he was to help their children access the State House bursaries and scholarships.

In February 2020, Caleb KANKIRIHO who claimed to be an employee of URA extorted Shillings 1m from a trader, a one Kasozi Fred, whom he found offloading his goods along Jinja Road after accusing the trader of tax evasion.

In July 2019, Daniel Rweishe KABANDIZE who claimed to be a State House Protocol Officer solicited for cash from a Swedish investor of BUTTER BAY company promising to fix an appointment for the Swedish investor with Museveni. KABANDIZE had already gotten $1,000 but was arrested when he was in the process of obtaining another $5,000.

In February 2018, ISO’s Apollo BYABAGYE and Carrol ARINDA forged an invitation letter purportedly from the Director General ISO to a Finish arms dealer who came to Kampala but met his death shortly after his arrival. They even went to the airport to receive their victim.

In November 2017, Ronald MUGISHA alias Henry RUGAMBWA, Edison OIKIRIZA alias MUSINGUZI claiming to be workers of Serena Hotel, falsely obtained money from their victim who they promised jobs at the same hotel.

In April 2017, the then Minister of Labour and M.P for Rukiga County, Herbert KABAFUNZAKI and a one Brian MUGABO was arrested as he received a Shillings 5m bribe which was part of the 10m Shillings he had solicited from the proprietor of Aya Group.

In November 2016, CMI’s Capt. BARIGYE who was in charge of Rubaga Division robbed 24kgs of Gold worth 3.3b shillings from a Congolese gold dealer.

In October 2016, Ambrose ATWIINE, Sam TUGUME from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control together with a one AHIMBISIBWE fraudulently sold work permits and passports including to sp,e Chinese from whom they turned around and demanded for a Shillings 3m bribe.

In October 2016, Brig. KYANDA was on top of the Shillings 2b fake arms scandal involving a Polish arms dealer who was lured into signing fake contracts from the boardroom of the Army Headquarters at Bombo.

In July 2016, Brig. Felix KULAIGYE and a one MURUNGI were involved in a shillings 300m Congolese gold scandal.

In November 2014, Willy KAMUKAMA forged documents purportedly from State House that were sending him to National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) for a job. The head of NWSC Silver MUGISHA being another home boy, the fraud was repulsed.

In 1999, Edison NABIMANYA who claimed to be an officer from CMI demanded for a Shillings 10m bribe from the Sri-Lankan MD of Dembe Group of Companies after NABIMANYA claimed to be investigating alleged fraud by the same company.

Those are the few reported incidents and much more goes on but remains unreported. On November 27, 2018, the regime mouthpiece, New Vision, ran a wrong missive titled HOW THE MAFIA IS STEALING FROM CHINESE INVESTORS. New Vision detailed how a clique of well connected individuals were colluding with public officers, including judicial officers, to fleece foreign investors. <<They extort money from investors to arrange for them audience with Museveni, ask for money before allocating them free land, then pay kickbacks for granting the licensing process and tax holidays. In some instances they dupe their victims into illegal dealings with promises of protection from well connected officials but the same officers end up tipping their colleagues to extort from them>>.

Therefore, for the Banyankole to dominate acts of extortion, fraud and blackmail, using URA, State House and the security agencies confirms the long held view that power is dominated by the Banyankole. If Bwambale a Mukonjo, Kirunda a Musoga , Opolot an Iteso, Ongom a Langi, or Andama from West Nile attempted any claim to be working with State House, URA or CMI/SFC or ISO to do such extortion, no one would believe because those state agencies are managed by the likes of Abaho, Mpeirwe, Mugisha, Muhoozi and the like. Ignore the comedian Bizonto Group at your own peril.


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