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The real power base of Uganda military dictator’s 34 years hold on power has continued to evade the understanding of some Ugandans.  He claims to derive legitimacy from the ‘people’  whom he claims to have supported his early 1980s Bush War and have continued to vote him after every five year.  Unfortunately, some Ugandans continue to believe that line of argument despite the clear evidence to the contrary.  Museveni and some of his top regime cohorts have repeatedly come out to put it clearly that it is the security forces that has the final say in the in the country’s political destiny.  

In early 2013 amidst political tensions between Museveni and Parliament over institutionalised corruption, the regime issued stern warnings to the effect that the army would take over in case of a political stalemate.   First it was the Minister of Defence, Mr. Crispus Kiyonga who warned that the army would takeover in case of a political stalemate. He stated that the army was watching and that if there was a possibility it could reassert itself should the politicians continue not showing seriousness that they can solve the country’s problems.  His assertion was echoed by Museveni during his parliamentary caucus retreat at Kyankwanzi where he told them that if this ‘confusion’ in Parliament persists, the military would not allow it.  This was during manoeuvres to coerse his parliamentarians into backing his secret oil exploration deals.  The issue was more boldly brought  to light by the then Army Chief, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who a week later during a press conference when asked about the treasonous statements by Museveni and Kiyonga.  He  asserted thus:  

    “the message was deliberately sent out.  I can’t do more that what they said.  The message was well taken by those to whom it was intended.  Stand warned.  Stand advised.  Should you not change course, other things will be brought into play.”

Around September 2017, during the process of lifting constitutional age limit to allow Museveni rule for life, through his Minister Evelyn Anite a warning was sent to dissenters.

    “…….you cannot intimidate a ruling party.  For them they are looking for support but we are not.  We are the party in government, we even have the support of the magye (army).”

Indeed, shortly after Museveni sent his army which raided Parliament and beat up members before the age limit bill was passed.

In December 2019, government Spokesman and the former army Spokesman, Col. Shaban Bantariza warned the opposition politicians;

   “I pity people who think the NRM government will handover power, we would rather go back to the bush to sort these people out.  I have my three guns on standby in my car, let Bobi Wine and his group continue with their Kasukali (sugar), for us we don’t use Kasukali, we use fire and indeed we shall use fire to put off that Kasukali to maintain peace.”

Around late last month, the Commander of Museveni’s Mechanised Brigade, Brig. Deus Sande while addressing NRM supporters in Masaka warned the opposition;

    “As long as we are still existing, we are not here to give out power.  I have heard the other one telling you don’t say this, but even if you say this, we are not ready to give out power to people who are ideologically bankrupt.  Do you think we are planning a handover?  We are not planning a handover, actually we are consolidating.”

Two days ago, as Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine was being brutalised by security forces immediately after nomination, Museveni’s son Gen. Muhoozi was tweeting a stern warning;

    “I told you my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be if you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace! But if you attempt to fight us then bring it up. Those who think they can use the military against the country are day dreaming. There is no soldier in this UPDF who does not look up to Mzee Museveni as a father, many consider him a grandfather.”

Their assertions have repeatedly been actualised by actions that leave no doubt in any right thinking person about the role of Museveni’s security’ forces in his hold on power. Therefore, those seeking to wrestle Museveni out of power through the polls ought to realise that they are competing against his security forces.  For me, those regime army officers who have come out to plainly put it that the country’s political destiny lies with the security forces are my heroes. Why behave like the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand?


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