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UGANDA: Why Gen. Tumwine lectured Chief Justice on criminal procedure, evidence, human rights

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CHANGE OF GUARDS – Gen. Elly Tumwine studied Fine Art at University.  By the time he joined the army in 1979, he was teaching Fine Art in a Secondary School.  He deserted the army in 1981 to join Museveni’s sectarian Bush War.  For the last 33 years, he has been a permanent Member of Parliament.  As the Minister of Security, he has of recent distinguished himself as the parliamentary Chief Political Commissar besides the role of a scarecrow to parliamentarians.

Around early 2000, Museveni assigned him the Chairman of a parallel General Court Martial that was set up to specifically persecute real and perceived political opponents.  He presided over cases that carried a maximum death sentence thus giving him a false impression that he was a Chief Justice.  During the Iddi Amin regime, Col. Ozoo presided over the military court that sentenced civilians to death by firing squad. The only role of Gen. Tumwine’s Court Martial was to provide a false legal backing to the illegal detentions in ungazetted places, detention without trial and prolonged incarceration of victims of torture.

On the other hand, the Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda, Justice Owing Dollo is a Lawyer by profession.  He is an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda.  As part of legal training, he studied criminal procedure, evidence and human rights.  By virtue of both private practice and judicial service, Justice Owing Dollo has obviously generated immense experience in the legal profession and needs no lectures in law and moreover from a graduate of fine art. 

As a redundant Minister of Security, Gen. Tumwine is struggling to remain relevant by engaging in law enforcement.  In this regard he has repeatedly bulldozed and humiliated the institution of Parliament in its oversight role over gross human rights violations by the executive.  On September 12, 2019, Museveni’s security goons carried out another round of commando raid on the High Four.  The heavily armed and unidentifiable goons violently kidnapped four citizens who had just been granted freedom by court.  Their Lawyer was subjected to the same violent kidnap before being driven away to an unknown destination.

The Judiciary protested the incident in a statement issued by the Chief Justice, Owiny Dollo.  He described the incident as highhanded before calling on the executive to exercise restraint in the unnecessary use of excessive force.  In response, the Minister of Security, Gen. Tumwine vehemently defended the kidnap in an interview with NBS Television.  He went ahead to give his version of the law pertaining to arrests and detention.  He commended the security goons for a job well done before warning the Deputy Chief Justice to “mind his own business.”

The incident is not the first and won’t be the last.  Security forces have in the past made commando raids on courts of law to reverse court decisions.  The legal fraternity and the Judiciary in particular has simply stopped at issuing toothless statements.  Museveni’s security apparatus has severally defied court orders and the above mentioned stakeholders have acted passively.  Museveni’s security forces have not only brutalized individual Members of Parliament but have repeatedly raided the floor of Parliament, beaten up, arrested and detained M.Ps.  The same security goons have repeatedly blocked M.Ps from accessing certain premises in the course of executing their oversight mandate.

The citizens are curiously watching as both the judicial and legislative arms of government are made to bend to the whims of the coercive agencies of the dictatorial executive branch.  With both the Judiciary and the legislature at the verge of being totally subdued, the country is slowly but surely creeping to the communist military dictatorship that had been halted by the Iddi Amin coup d’etat of 1971.

Unless the citizens and friends of Uganda say enough is enough, the country is headed for doom.


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