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CHANGE OF GUARDS – On June 27, a third year student of Makerere University, Tegu Emmanuel was confronted by the Police foot patrol at around 10:O0pm within the university premises as he returned from his prayers. According to the Police, the patrol party found him half naked and asked him to identify himself. The police further alleges that, instead, he ran away and became aggressive by throwing stones at them. Further, the police confesses that one member of its foot patrol party, PC Mukose even fired three bullets. That the victim ran towards St. Augustine chapel and the adjacent Centenary Bank. That at the bank, he tried to attack the guards from the private security company who raised an alarm that attracted residents of the neighbourhood who lynched him. That the Police received a telephone call from the area Councillor about someone being lynched and they rushed to the scene. That they rescued the victim who had no single ID papers and took him to Mulago Hospital. 

On July 4, the victim died and has been buried but the public debate as to who caused his death rages on. Family members allege that the victim made a dying declaration that he was beaten up by the paramilitary, LDUs. Before his death, the Police had not carried out any inquiries. After the family and general public pointing a finger at the security personnel, the Police opened inquiries and has been defensively issuing uncoordinated statements. It insists that the victim may have died from lynching by the bank security guards and local residents around the University. One pertinent fact the Police does not want to discuss is that its foot patrol party was the first to confront the victim to the extent of firing three bullets by PC Mukose. The police does not disclose if it succeeded in arresting the victim and if not, why, more especially, after making such efforts including firing three bullets!!!  The claims that it only rushed to the scene after being alerted by a councillor about someone being lynched is not convincing because the victim was no stranger to them. 

Moreover, during his April 12, national address, Museveni directed his security goons to shoot those who throw stones at them;
   “Throwing stones at members of the security forces is very dangerous. You are not going to throw stones at them, injur them and they let you go. Do you expect them to run away? They are doing their work. They don’t have rubber bullets. They can shoot in the air, but if you don’t stop, they can shoot you. They can aim at the legs and you sit down.”
Without shame the police alleges that Emmanuel Tegu aggressively threw stones at the police foot patrol party and they just let him go.

According to security SOPs, the foot patrol party is armed with hand radios (Walkie Talkies) that they use to update their base on any development. Further, the reason for any bullet fired in the city is immediately accounted for at all levels up to the highest security manager, Museveni who is the Commander In-Chief. Therefore, given those great efforts to subdue the victim by the police patrol party, it is most likely that they succeeded in arresting him and as usual badly beat him up before letting him stumble towards the bank premises  It is also most likely that either the victim could not clearly tell the difference between the LDU and the regular police personnel or the LDUs reinforce the police at night in patrolling the university premises. But who will follow these leads to carry out a thorough investigation!!!!

The death of Emmanuel Tegu brings the number of reported cases killed by security personnel during the enforcement of Museveni’s COVID-19 lockdown to 11. The incident is a continuation of the ‘SOP’ and the panic by police is out of fear that it can spark off riots. On the other hand, if the victim had not been a University student he would have simply been branded a thug who had attempted to grab a gun from security personnel. The question is “who is next?” 


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