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UGANDA: Why Africans steam from accident victims

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CHANGE OF GUARDS – In the same spirit that Africans brutally kill each other in civil wars, their brutality also extends to heartlessly stealing from accident victims. In some cases those who rush to the scene of accidents are more preoccupied with securing for themselves the personal property like cash, watches, jewellery, mobile phones and luggage of victims. No wonder, even some of their governments do steal from the most vulnerable citizens like the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the refugees, widows, orphans and others. In some cases state agents like firefighters and scene of crime managers have been accused of helping themselves with the personal property of victims. In some countries beneficiaries deliberately tamper with the transport infrastructures like stretches of roads and railways that lead to accidents so that they loot the goods that that have been spilt. It is very common for locals to steal fuel meant for big infrastructural development projects. The stolen fuel in some instances has caused fires that have lead to loss of life and property. The most fatal disasters arise from fires that are a result of locals who rush to fetch petrol from accidents of trucks carrying fuel tanks.

On February 21, 2016 Museveni’s Cadet Inspector of Police, Hilary Mugambe and Detective Constable Brian Oteng stole airtime cards worth 43m shillings from a one Jimmy Okot an accident victim in Ngora. The nasty accident had claimed the lives of eight people and police was managing the crime scene.
What is most intriguing is the fact that such accidents have in most cases been widely publicized but people continue to put their lives at risk whenever there is a re-occurrence of such accidents. Scenes of even women with buckets and jerrycans fetching from floods of petrol from scenes of motor accidents are very depressing. The latest such tragedy to hit the continent is that of Tanzania where a transiting truck carrying a petrol tank got an accident that has caused deaths and fatal injuries of more than one hundred people who were fetching petrol spills. It is reported that the driver of the truck who was stuck in the cabin warned that the tank could explode. The warnings did not deter someone from attempting to steal the battery from the truck thus sparking off the fire. If this version of events is true, then it is a very unfortunate development. The answer to the puzzle of why people continue to risk their lives is just IGNORANCE and POVERTY. Having lost hope in their governments relieving their economic plight, these people feel that such accidents are God sent for them to provide for their needs.

It is in the same regard that many African youths are perishing in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea while attempting to enter Europe in search of meaningful lives. In both cases the actions of the victims is driven by desperation and loss of hope. Unfortunately, in the case of the carnage involving African immigrants, African leader are driven by shame in maintaining a blind eye and deaf ears. Therefore, African governments should focus on addressing the economic hardships of their people.


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