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UGANDA: What the parliamentary probe on Makerere carnage is missing

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CHANGE OF GUARDS – Following the carnage at Makerere University by Museveni’s army, the toothless Parliament tasked its Parliamentary Committee on Education to probe the brutal violence by soldiers against students.   So far, the committee has interacted with student leaders, the university administration, the army and police leadership and the  information gathered leaves a lot of gaps.

Among such gaps is:
1.  Who exactly issued the order for deployment of soldiers to the university?  Since the time of the Gen. Kaziini alleged coup plot, movement of troops can only be sanctioned by Museveni.

2.  What orders were given to the soldiers who were deployed at the university?  Whenever soldiers are to be deployed, they must be thoroughly briefed.  Some of such orders are even put in writing.

3.  Was it only the so-called platoon (36 soldiers) who had been stationed at the university since late 2018 that were involved in the violence or more soldiers were brought in?

4.  Was the Captain who was allegedly arrested the one who had been the Detach Commander of the platoon that had been stationed at the university or he came with the extra troops that were deployed?  Usually a platoon is commanded by a Lieutenant and assisted by a Platoon Sergeant and is comprised of three sections (11 soldiers each) commanded by Section Commanders who are at the rank of Corporal.  The Platoon Commander is answerable to the Company Commander who in turn also reports to the Battalion Commander and in this case the Commandant of the Military Police.  The Commandant reports to the Chief of Defence Forces, the defacto police chief, Gen. Muzeyi and Museveni’s son, Gen. Muhoozi.  Who of these gave the order to deploy soldiers to the university?

5.  If true, why was the Commander-In-Chief, Museveni not informed about the deployment of soldiers at Makerere since late 2018?  Why was he not informed about the involvement of soldiers in the four days’ carnage?  Since time immemorial, the president is briefed on any kind of security situation in any corner of the country and even beyond at an hourly basis.  Such reports are contained in briefs called Situation Reports (SITREPS).  Even when there is nothing to report, a Nothing to Report (NOTREP) is submitted.  Such SITREPS are relayed by way of coded military radio messages, email, fax, telephone etc.

6.  How long does it take to withdraw a platoon of soldiers from a university after an order from the Commander-in-Chief?  Did Museveni reverse his earlier order or it is just disobedience of orders?  A platoon of soldiers can take less than 30 minutes to withdraw from a location because it has no heavy logistical back up.

7.  When will the committee seek clarification from different top government officials who publicly accused the striking students of being sponsored by the opposition?  The Minister of Education who is Museveni’s wife, the Minister of Justice, the Army and police spokesmen asserted that the strike by students was being funded by the opposition politicians and other external entities.

8.  When is the committee interacting with the Professor who had been the Acting Vice Chancellor during the violent attack on students?  The VC, Prof. Nawangwe had been away during the carnage.

9.  Why did the army leadership wait for Museveni to pretend to oppose the deployment of soldiers at the university?

10.  Is it the first time the military is deployed at the university?  Has any officer ever been reprimanded for brutality and if not, why now?

11.  Does the university leadership have the list of security personnel who are studying at Makerere? Since time immemorial, individual security personnel pursue studies at Makerere.  A few of these report on student politics.  However, whatever the case the Museveni regime has always used pure students to spy on student politics.

12.  Why can’t the committee ask the right people about the brutality by soldiers at the university?
It is useless to bother the Ministers of Defence and Internal Affairs with the violence at Makerere.  They are uninformed as you and I but only used as loudspeakers.  Its the CDF, the defacto police chief, Gen. Muzeyi, the defacto Commander of SFC who is Museveni’s son, the Commandant Military Police, the CMI and DG-ISO who are the key players in such deployments.

By conducting a parallel inquiry under State House, it is these and other salient issues that Museveni does not want to be brought to the surface.  He is doing everything possible to overshadow the parliamentary inquiry.


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