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UGANDA: USA puts sanctions on former police chief Kale Kayihura – @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @SejuDav @KizzaBesigye1 @FDCofficial1

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UGANDA: Fighting for Human Rights for Ugandans and making voice heard. VERY LONG POST. It is only to give you an idea of the work we do in the background. MLN

Saturday, September 23, 2017
@JustinTrudeau is a traitor to #Ugandans – stunningily praises murderer #Museveni

This is a call to all Ugandans who are in Canada to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protest this silliness of him praising Dictator Murderer Yoweri Museveni. This is outrageous given how many letters I have written to Justin Trudeau informing him of the atrocities being committed on Ugandans by this brutal ruthless killer.

How can Trudeau be so oblivious to the fact that Museveni is the one who invades all the neighbouring countries to cause major influxes of refugees into Uganda and then go begging the world for money to look after these rif rafs that he even imports? AND GET THIS, he forcefully takes away land from Ugandans and gives it to these refugees he has personally imported into the country. Yes, there is a bill soon to be passed to nationalise all land saying “government has the right to take away private land without compensation except at their valuation and on their timeline”. Do you know how many Ugandans are living in IDP camps in Uganda?

Hon. Justin Trudeau, please review all the letters I have sent to your office which I am told are always passed onto the Foreign Minister. You looked like a joke shaking Museveni’s blood soaked hand and now you are an embarrassment. For as long as I live, there shall always be information sent to you about Museveni’s ongoing genocides in the Great Lakes and more specifically in Uganda.

Do you not remember when I wrote to your office after he slaughtered hundreds of innocent people in Kasese on November 26 and 27, 2017? Then now you say the world should emulate Uganda on accepting refugees? Are you not aware that Museveni invaded DRC and South Sudan and you are too naive to know that his Somali mission is simply to fund his army because the country is broke?

On the cooperation of Canada and Uganda. Exactly what will you import from Uganda? Slave labour? For after all that is what he exports to the Arab countries!

You are one of the reasons why Ugandans live in dire poverty and brutal murders daily. Similarly, you are one of the reasons why Museveni keeps wars raging in the Great Lakes because you reward him for the invasions of other countries. Did you know that many Ugandans fled to Canada because that mad man wanted to kill LGBTI?

So in your right mind, while us Canadians suffer under poverty, high taxes and tuition fees we can hardly afford for our university kids, you take our tax dollars and send them to a ruthless brutal murderer who has killed more millions than Hitler and Mao Tse Tung combined? Jesus Christ!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
President Yoweri Museveni is rooting for stronger trade and development relations with Canada, urging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to encourage investors and to re-establish and strengthen their partnerships for mutually beneficial relationships.
The President was yesterday meeting PM Trudeau at the sidelines of the 72nd, session of the United Nations General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York.
Museveni called for more cooperation between the two countries and urged Canada to ensure market access for Uganda products and boost trade and investment.
“We should revive and strengthen our former cooperation. Canada was initially in the mining, infrastructure and transport sectors. They can also invest in energy,” he said.
The President congratulated Trudeau upon his election as Prime Minister of Canada.
PM Trudeau hailed President Museveni and the people of Uganda for hosting refugees. He hailed Uganda’s refugees’ policy and said the world should emulate Uganda in the way they handle refugees.
“Uganda has a very good record of assisting refugees. It is a great example of what the rest of the world can pick from,” he said.
He also agreed with the President on strengthening trade and investment between the two countries.
Canada’s engagement with Uganda supports human rights, democratic governance, and effective service provision for the people of Uganda.
Uganda plays a key security role in the region and is the largest troop contributor to the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Canada, in collaboration with the Netherlands, contributed over $10 million in equipment and training to support the deployment of a formed police unit (FPU) from Uganda to Somalia to assist AMISOM in 2010.
In 2013, two-way merchandise trade totaled $28.1 million consisting of $23.4 million in exports to, and $4.7 million in imports from, Uganda. Top Canadian merchandise exports to Uganda included textiles, machinery and equipment while top Canadian merchandise imports from Uganda were primarily coffee, fish, live trees, and cocoa.
On the investment side, Canadian interests and activities are concentrated primarily in the mining and infrastructure (power generation and transportation) sectors.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Office of Prime Minister of #Canada responds to concerns about #Uganda

Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre

Prime Minister/Premier Ministre
12:34 PM (2 hours ago)

to me, Chrystia
Dear Ms. Nangalema:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your most recent correspondence regarding the political situation in Uganda.

It may be helpful to know that due to the many demands of his schedule, the Prime Minister is unable to reply personally to the large volume of mail – more than one million items a year – that he receives on a wide variety of issues. You may be assured, however, that he is advised of the opinions offered and issues raised by Canadians in their correspondence.

Acknowledgements are often sent in reply to email received by this office. On occasion, when an email conveys views on issues that have particular significance to other members of the federal Cabinet, the email is forwarded to the attention of the relevant Ministers. This referral is made not out of lack of interest or disrespect, but to allow the officials more closely connected with the issue a chance to learn what people are thinking, and, where appropriate, to provide a meaningful answer.

That being said, I have therefore taken the liberty of forwarding your latest email to Minister Freeland so that she may be made aware of your ongoing concerns in this regard.

Thank you for taking the time to write.

T. Jolicoeur
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister’s Office
Agent de correspondance
de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

>>> From : Martha Leah Nangalama Received : 29 Jul 2017 01:37:02 PM >>>

>>> Subject : Uganda to amend constitution to allow President Museveni (dictator) to rule for life. Canada needs t >>>>

Martha Leah Nangalama
Scoudouc (Moncton), New Brunswick

July 29th, 2017
Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Dear Honorable Justin Trudeau,

Re: Uganda to lift Age Limit to allow President Yoweri Museveni rule for life

My name is Martha Leah Nangalama. I am a Uganda-Canadian citizen currently living in Scoudouc, New Brunswick. Like many concerned citizens of Uganda, I am writing to express my disappointment in the way the Canadian government continuers to use tax payer money to support and cement in the dictatorship of Museveni. All the other donor, funders and development partners have kept supporting the regime of President Yoweri Museveni. Yet his Human Rights Record stands out as a sore thumb.

Honorable Trudeau, the government of Uganda is preparing to amend the constitution of Uganda to remove age limits which is the last safety valve and this amendment will to allow president Museveni to rule Uganda for life. Canada is well known for peace keeping and championing human rights and democracy but when it comes to Africa, and specifically Uganda, Canada has always stood with the oppressor of the Ugandan people instead of the oppressed masses.

I have written to your office several times and have always received a reply saying my issue is being referred to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. I never heard anything after the “referred” and you will remember that Silence is Consent. This then means that Canada consents to the oppression, torture and murder of Ugandans.

The silence that is coming from our development partners regarding the constitutional amendments in Uganda is deafening. US law makers are getting ready to put more sanctions on the government of Venezuela if it elects a legislative body that creates a dictatorship. However, the same US is displaying a double standard when it comes to Uganda? WHERE IS THE VOICE OF CANADA?

In November 2016, the government of Uganda carried out a massacre in Kasese where women and children were butchered and our developmental partners looked the other way. You will remember very clearly that I wrote to your office about that genocide. In 2016, a US Human Rights Report from the State Department issued a scathing indictment of president Museveni’s Human Rights records and I am sure Ottawa also saw that report.

Honorable Trudeau, the US government and EU criticized the way Museveni’s government conducted the 2016 elections saying that the elections fell short of international standards and were marred by allegations of disenfranchisement and voter intimidation, harassment of the opposition, closure of social media and lack of transparency and independence in the Electoral Commission. The US State Department specifically mentioned three serious human rights problems in the country which included lack of respect for individual integrity, unlawful killings, torture, arbitrary detention, and other abuse of suspects and detainees.

More recently, a supporter of a youthful political activist, Honorable Kyagulanyi, there is a gentleman called Patrick Sande Byamukama who was violently arrested and Youtube has videos of that. His testicles were crashed by the police (and Youtube has many videos of Uganda police brutality) and according to his lawyer Mr. Ladislaus Rwakafuzi has taken the government of Uganda to court, for torturing his client.

Honorable Trudeau, you can make a difference to Ugandans. You can speak now about the atrocities of the brutal regime and give many of us Canadians with origins from Uganda some hope. When former US ambassador to the UN, Elizabeth Trudeau told the UN Security Council that President Yoweri Museveni was a danger to the peace in The Great Lakes Region of Africa, she had information to back up what she was saying. The reality is while you all turn your heads away from the suffering of Uganda, you fund the regime which specialised in invading neighbouring countries to cause an influx of refugees into Uganda which then gets the regime foreign exchange since apparently all the donors and funders are bleeding hearts who write cheques without asking how the refugee problem started.

For your information, there are 10 million Ugandans who hardly have enough to eat. There are many thousands and hundreds of thousands whose land (their only asset) has been forcefully taken away to create refugee camps or give to “investors” and our schools have no supplies, our hospitals have no medicine, our roads are death traps but there you all go praising Uganda for its hospitality. At this rate, it would not be a bad idea to get Ugandans to register as refugees in their own country. At least UNCR and WFP will feed them and take care of their other basic needs. Did you also know that the average unemployment of Uganda youth is 85% and the youth make up 75% of the country population.

Please never remain silent in the face of injustice. Certainly, most Canadians would hate to know that Ottawa keeps funding a regime which is dead bent on killing its own in one way or another. By starving them. By taking away their land. By arresting them if they dare talk. By torturing them. Or imprisoning them or kidnapping them or killing hundreds and dumping them in mass graves.


Martha Leah Nangalama

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