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UGANDA: Update on @MTNug @wimMtnUg data complaint about @GAhabwe

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It has taken nearly 2 weeks for MTN to resolve the data problem my friend Gerald was having. I am glad to announce that MTN has resolved the issue.

What had happened is my friend had paid for 1 gig of data which vanished within 7mins. Anyone who knows how data works on the Internet knows that there is no way in hell one can blow through a gig of data in 7mins. Most especially because Gerald was not downloading movies or uploading movies.

Finally, it turned out that MTN was running an upgrade which was chewing data in the background. Gerald is too smart to complain to me about his data. Something was wrong.

Practically, everyone in Uganda who I have interacted with complains about how their data gets stolen by MTN. Some pundits on the tweeter thread claimed that neither Gerald nor I know how to use our phones. Consequently, the two gentlemen said it was Gerald’s own fault. I disagreed.

The resolution is MTN is refunding the 1 gig back and giving Gerald another 1 gig for free.

There were 2 key issues.

1. Poor customer service. I shared for them articles I have previously written about customer service.

2. Data leakage. I have shared with them an article I wrote about system maintenance and upgrades.

3. Training CSRs (Customer Service Reps. I have offered to provide a one day telecon / video con to train their CSRs.

4. Addressing customer concerns immediately instead of 2 weeks later. I have given MTN examples of how to deal with this.

I have solid work experience with networks, data, customer service and telephony.  I will always use my knowledge to advocate for Ugandans’ rights.


One apologist for MTN said he knows we don’t know how to use our phones. Then he said he is Cisco certified. Come on, we all have certificates and do we excuse incompetence? I have so many useless certificates I use them to start the fire.

The other one said it is our phones “This happened to me too. I paid for 2 gigs and they were gone in 2hrs. In the background, I was uploading photos to Drop box”.  I told him to get his 6yr old to teach him how to use his phone. Who even uploads things to a cloud without being on wifi. He got mad at me “do you have to be condensending and arrogant? Get off your high horse in Canada. EXCUSE ME buddy, you should modify your phone settings to only upload when on wifi. Then ended with “You moron of stupidity”.  He is a PhD lawyer. Likely printed on Nasser Rd.


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