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UGANDA: Unemployed youth entitlement, what to do – @LokomoPeter @RugyendoQuotes

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Some of you may have seen TVO posts of a Ugandan conning unemployed youth for millions of UGX promising them jobs in Canada.

What I found interesting is that the guy can hardly write English and all the people he is promising jobs must pass the IELTS.

After I shared that conman story in many social media groups, a young gentleman I have known for a while said this:

1. Most Ugandan youth only buy social bundles and cannot open the links you share.
2. Internet is limited in Uganda
3. The youth are desperate and that is why they fall for SCAMS.

I am now looking at this kid:

A) Why do they buy social bundles when the real information is on opening links and using Google
B) If Internet is limited, why are they online because Social Media is part of the Internet
4) The youth are desperate and pay UGX 3.5mln to 14mln for fake visas to Canada… There is no way in hell they are desperate. Some of us, when we were DESPERATE, we only asked for information and then READ.  We read as if our lives depended on READING.  Because life does now depend on reading.  You are very mistaken to think that you do not need to read and some god out there will just arrange a miracle for you. ”Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilisation””…QUOTE.

WHAT IS IT THAT WE MUST DO TO HELP OUR UNEMPLOYED YOUTH.  I am at a loss for a solution.  The unemployed youth hate reading.  And many write atrociously.  But to say that you cannot read because you have no internet on your kathupuli when you are always online.  Why not just buy 5 gigs of data monthly from MTN or Airtel and use them to read the things which matter.

I read a post of scholarships you shared, give me the link again.  WHY IS IT THAT I walk around with pen and paper to write everything I see of interest AND you do not.  You make no notes. You expect to be served freely by even volunteers.

I was on a 2hr phone with one of the New Brunswick service agencies.  She started to talk.  I told her ..let me grab my book and make notes.  She then talked as I was writing down while on the computer noting everything she was referring to on the govt website with my phone also checking what was going on about news.  But a kid in Uganda says …. I did not write that down.  Gimme.  OR the worst thing is …. you once shared a Business Plan, Project Proposal template, gimme me.  Why did you not write it down or book mark it.

Ugandans need to stop taking people for granted. Most of the information we share for free is being sold in Uganda.  PLEASE help us to help you.

Moncton, Uganda
Bududa, Canada

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