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UGANDA: Undeniable truth on removing Museveni from power

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SPAN – The truth of the matter is that many Ugandans are in denial about removing Museveni from power.  Museveni came by the gun and he will go that way.  He has been preparing for that moment when it comes to use of force and all this talk of elections are just to hoodwink the international community and the international community is very much aware that Museveni will never relinquish power without bloodshed. It Is just a matter of when.

All indicators from Museveni are pointing to one direction and that is violence for his removal. His concern regarding the 11 million crime preventers after he fired KK should be a wake-up call to Museveni’s intentions and those wishing him away through elections. When KK was creating crime preventers Museveni distanced himself from it and now that KK is out, Museveni is worried that KK may use such people into forcing him out of power or crime preventers may fall into the command of wrong persons.

Betty Kamya publicly said that Museveni cannot be defeated through elections and we must let him rule till he dies. We have heard Maama Fina telling us that Museveni is a nice man if you get chance to meet him forgetting that not all 41 million Ugandans would ever have a chance to meet dictator Museveni and surely his delivery of services to the people doesn’t depend on who meets Museveni or not.

Museveni has signed many regional security agreements instead of signing meaningful election reforms into law. His supporters also have dug in that no matter what, he should stay in power and if he dies, they have Muhoozi to fall on.

Lastly Hon. Kyagulanyi is very popular but has no plan that he has laid out for people to stand behind. He went abroad and many Ugandans coughed up $40 to listen to him but to my surprise he left no committees that should keep all those attended informed of what to do next that am aware of. I am not even sure that he asked all those that came to listen to him, provide their contacts information.

As the late Dr. Kayiira forecasted before his untimely death by those we call freedom fighters, he said that another liberation war will be fought to free our country. Our people are dying and the time is now to sacrifice again if we need freedom. Nobody demands for freedom but you fight for it. The silence of our religious leaders on the matters of our nation is deafening forgetting that Museveni used the Late Emmanuel Nsubuga and Rev. Festo Kivengere to help his struggles to capture power. The call for sacrifice is long overdue.

MAGALA – Thank you brother Span, but mine is point of information in supplementary of the topic above. M7 is always afraid because if foresee almost 70% of M7s guerilla warfare experts are expelled by him and the new boy is having can’t manage any kind of fire resistance if happens to be, however, even those crime preventers (police jamii) you’re talking about are illiterate about warfare unless they might be good in Looting if happen a chance to be.

The reason of me challenging you somehow somewhere is that war is not as you guys think, war is first fought by strong hearted people, second people with patriotic vision, third people with teamwork spirit, forth people with future vision and fifth people with no good political ideas but a mere feeling of no liberty, unsafe conditions and non- wealthier minded culprits with nature of no fear and forward ever characters, then military tactics comes in as a helping tool.

Not business men, politicians, crime prevented nor cadets. So, with hope of crime prevented M7 is going no where unless Northern people come back to their original feeling of conscience that’s when Museveni will go and in a minute.

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