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CHANGE OF GUARDS – As the public debates and scrutinises the carnage by Museveni’s security goons, he has now created a diversion. He ordered his military intelligence  (CMI) and SFC to invade his ISO’s Safe Houses and his media spins are busy doing the diversionary publicity. As usual, the public debate has already shifted from the atrocities of the LDUs to the said crackdown on ISO’s Safe Houses.

Since the arbitrary declaration of his COVID-19 total lockdown in March, his security goons have been on rampage arresting, detaining, torturing, maiming, extorting and killing with impunity. The rampage took a different turn recently when the Mityana District Chairman was beaten up by security goons. The chairman was trying to Intervene when he found the same security goons beating up a sick woman who was being taken to the hospital by a Bodaboda rider. The regime panicked and in order to hoodwink the public, it dispatched a high-powered delegation to the area lead by the defacto Commander of the Land Forces, Gen. Sam Kavuma and comprised of the Army’s Chief Political Commissar, Gen. Henry Matsiko and the 1st Division Commander, Gen. Kawaga. Later, Mr. Joseph Luzige, the Mityana District Chairman, issued a statement praising the government for a “timely response” and that he had been assured that “there won’t be any more assault or beating of people in the entire country.” Mr. Luzige forgot that the army has never forgiven him for his role in the Gen. Ssejusa saga in 2013.

In the eastern region city of Mbale, the same security goons beat up the Soroti resident Judge, Wilson Musele Musalu and High Court Commercial Division Judge, David Wangutsi in Mbale on accusations of flouting the COVID-19 curfew guidelines.

In December 2019, the goons shot dead a one Dan Apollo Layomo, the LC 3 Chairman of Ruppa Sub-County in Moroto District. The said victim was a brother to Museveni’s former cabinet Minister and Spy Chief, David Pulkol. The local residents rioted and burnt NRM cards, flags and Museveni’s posters. The family rejected the dead body and set conditions. The army claimed to have arrested the killers but the identities have never been disclosed.

The army even went ahead to make cosmetic transfers of its personnel where the the 3rd Division Commander, Brig. Julius Biryabarema was replaced by his Deputy Brig. Joseph Balikudembe. The former had just held the position for only three months but the latter had served in Karamoja for over a decade in various positions and no wonder, tte situation did not improve. Six months later, the Pulkol family accepted to receive and bury the dead body and no single security personnel has ever been charged for the cold-blooded murder. During the burial, just like Joseph Luzige, the victim’s brother, David Pulkol hailed the UPDF for ensuring peace in Karamoja  and that he “was happy with the level of cooperation UPDF had exhibited and pleaded for justice to prevail.”

Around May 2019, during a public meeting by the Woman M.P for Buvuma, Phiona Egunyu her bodyguard from the Police’s VIP Unit shod dead the area NRM Chairman, Martin Beema. The victim had attempted to block the MP from using the microphone to speak to residents when he was shot in the neck and the matter was simply swept under the carpet.

Museveni’s LDU scheme was started in 2018 with an initial recruitment of 4,000 personnel. By December 2019, a total of an estimated 20,000 personnel had been recruited from mostly northern and eastern regions. The choice of recruitment ground (northern and eastern) and area of concentration of deployment (central region) is by design. By 2019, the army was grappling with the atrocities by LDUs and it hoodwinked the public by promising to prosecute about 100 personnel over gun misuse. In Kasese, 2,000 LDU personnel completed a four months so-called refresher course at the army’s Hima Barracks. In January 2020, the army announced that it was to filter University graduates from the LDU personnel and incorporate them into UPDF. The recently released annual Humam Rghts Report by the African Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) indicates that the army has overtaken the police in the torture of Ugandans.

Therefore, the so-called crackdown on ISO is undoubtedly designed to overshadow the public debate on atrocities by LDUs. Otherwise, the ISO Safe Houses are not new and Museveni had never taken any action simply because they serve his interests.


Image may be subject to copyright

Image may be subject to copyright

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