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Uganda succession and age limit discussion is on

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Most of us are on the internet with all our opinions and feelings about the current regime but we do not stop to think about the future ahead.

When President Gen. HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni appears on live camera and says that succession is not something we should discuss or the rumours of lifting of the age limit, we ought to pay attention.

For one thing, Uganda is not a monarchy.  It has never been and never will be.

On the rumours of him having his son Gen. David Kainerugaba Muhoozi being the president in waiting, we need to step back a bit.  Of course given the tumultuous situation of Uganda, anyone can come up with a consipiracy theory and even get an audience for it.

There are 3 types of lawyers who make a lot of money.  Corporate lawyers, Family and Estate lawyers and then litigators.  One can always sue someone.

What is interesting about Uganda is the fragility of the political, judiciary and economical situation. Of course if Museveni came on record and said his son will succeed, we would burn down Uganda and rebuild.  If he came on record and said that the age limit would be lifted, we would still burn down the country.  PLEASE REMEMBER when Ghanaians tried to burn down their country in the past, all opposition and govt said “if we burn down the country, we must still rebuild it”.  Uganda has much to learn about Ghana. Whatever we burn down we must rebuild.

All fpr profit corporations always have a succession plan and future leaders marked out.  How else do you think Rothschild and Rockefeller did it?  Steve Jobbs died and did Apple die with him?

All governments which believe in the good for their countries always groom future leaders so that in case their dictator gets hit by a bus or crashes dead in a plane crash like Garang, there is a team of people to lead the country.

May you remember the countries whose leaders had no checks and balances and thought they would live forever and have their sons take over; what happened?  Those countries fell into an abyss of some kind.

It is very crucial that all Ugandans demand to know the succession plan for Uganda.  Museveni is elderly and fragile.  And since his brother Saleh, his wife Kataha and his son Kainerugaba are not really much loved, what plan is in place in case his plane gets shot down?  Will his son in law be the successor in a country which does not have a monarchy and a country that already hates him?  Never mind that Odrek is could have something to offer but he is marked already for being first family.  Let him not pretend to say Ugandans love him.  They despise him.

So you do not want to talk about succession.  Have you seen what has been going on in Egypt and Libya?  You make a very big mistake to ignore those 2 countries.  Do you remember that Syria has been at war for 6yrs?  What happened to Iraq after they got rid of Sadam Hussein?  America may be hated and may be a bad country and we can all find faults with US and UK but there is no way they would fall into the turmoil we see in Africa and other countries for not having checks and balances on the powers.  Mind you, Russia also has checks and balances and if anyone took out President Vladmir Putin, Russia would not fall into an Abyss.

God forbid if you talk about age limit. Of course some rulers were born to rule forever.  Until they go on live camera and say “drought is good. If you see a motorcycle following you, stop your car and engage them”.  WORSE, go to a poor impoverished village with people dying of hunger and tell them to just get a bicycle and a jerrycan and use Drip Irrigation.  Or you could also have your media team share everything about this comedy of the jerrycan or the phone call by the road.  Do you not think that some leaders should retire?

May President Hon. Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni please now retire because lifting the age limit will lead to worse than at Masindi “I am not a servant” or even “I only work for myself, my family, my children and my grand children”.  All countries with an awake population would impeach but hey, Museveni brought sleep to Uganda so who cares if he only works for his family and is not a servant?

Ugandans make a very big mistake not to allow Museveni to retire.  They also make an error not to demand for succession and not to insist that the successor must be democratically elected and not be a family member.  Have you people not learned enough from all the brutality in Uganda?  Exactly where do you think Museveni’s family was when millions of our people were being killed?  Have you forgotten?  Did you even watch #AbrilliantGenocide, the genocide in Northern Uganda?  Have you forgotten about Rwenzururu in 2014 and 2015 and Museveni saying the mass graves were for criminals despite that those killed were not even tried in court?  But you forget so fast you have forgotten that #Kasese massacre is now to be investigated?  Be assured that next time it will be your people.

As for all the religious leaders and key opposition:
In 2015 December, bodies of youth washed up on the shores of Lake Victoria.  Did you cry?  Did you ask for a day of National Mourning? Did you stop your campaigns?

Some 16 Muslim Clerics were gunned down (boda boda style).  Did you ask any questions?  Did you call for a National Day of mourning?

We had long forgotten Acholi, Karamoja, Teso and Bugisu.  But when Kasese was attacked and the world watched innocent civilians being massacred, burned beyond recognition and many thrown into mass graves, did you cry?  Did you talk? Did you demand that no one be buried in a mass grave?

But alas, prior to that, you had watched prayers being banned for FDC and you said no word.  So why did you make noise when Dr. Kizza Besigye was stopped from attending mass at Rubaga for the late AIGP Kaweesi?  I am inclined to think that whoever was in charge was making a statement of some sort.  You did not protest when FDC was banned from having prayers so why did you wanna attend prayers for the man who ensured that the prayers for FDC were banned?  Such pretentious hypocrites.  The thunder which will strike you is still doing push ups!

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