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UGANDA: Stories From the Bush Vol II. It is an upcoming book. Extract from Chapter 49.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


At the tender age of 23 years, Muntu left Makerere University after doing his last paper for his political science course to join Museveni’s bush war. He was driven by the urge to restore rule of law and human rights to Uganda that had broken down at the time, courtesy of Yoweri Museveni who had created a situation to justify his bush war.

Muntu, being a son of a prominent UPC leader (Enock Muntuoyera) who was a personal friend of the then President Obote, Muntu would have been given a better job in government but his resolute character and urge for the freedom of others took him to the bush. Initially, in the bush he was placed under close watch on suspicion that possibly the UPC government had sent him to spy on guerrillas.

In the bush, Muntu belonged to the category of ‘intellectuals’ whom the senior Commanders, the majority of whom were non university graduates, who detested and harassed him the young man.

Because of the greed mentality of these commanders, at one time Muntu, together with other NCOs and led by Enock Mondo at one time planned to escape from the Museveni’s NRA and form their own fighting group.

In the bush Muntu was shot in the leg and chest and was smuggled to Kampala for treatment. Upon recovery, he rejoined the bush war. During the same time, the remains of his father who had died in exile during Iddi Amin’s regime were brought back and accorded a state funeral which was graced by the then President Dr. Milton Obote who used the occasion to call on the young Mugisha Muntu to abandon the bush and return home but to no avail.

In the bush Muntu rose through the ranks to become first the Director of Civil Intelligence and later Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) – a position he held even during and after capturing power. As a DMI, Muntu is re-known for living a very simple life while his colleagues rushed for the spoils of war that went with victory.

Muntu’s Aides would face difficulty in explaining the source of expensive house items that they would get for him from the army headquarters. His official car was an old blue Land Rover which he would use to carry any junior staff member that he would find on the road to and from work. This vehicle remained the property of DMI/CMI until recently when it was stolen by Charles Tumusiime Rutarago.

In one of the interviews, this is what Muntu had to say about grabs “….as the war progressed, we were sure we could take over power people started talking about what they were planning, where they wanted to live,or saying I will be this, I will live in this neighborhood. It became intense when we took overpower. After taking over, our intentions were to all return to  the barracks. However, that was heavily resisted as soon as we arrived in Kampala. People started running to live in Kololo, Nakasero and I think that is where we lost it. This started creating the sense of acquisition and that went into business of and the feeling of everyone getting in to get something for himself. It has now gone into what we see today.”


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