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Uganda social media usage – a study

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I commissioned a survey on how most Ugandans use Social Media. I picked the top platforms and here ya go.

1. LinkedIn. Ugandans on LinkedIn tend to be professional types show casing their skills, qualifications and work experience. Consequently, LinkedIn is great for your job search or other business opportunities.

2. Youtube. Ugandans tend to post videos of current events and music. There are many Vloggers in Uganda. With Youtube being part of Google, the audience is huge.

3. WhatsApp. Ugandans tend to use WhatsApp to gossip, backbite, share nudes and trash people. Yet, there are some who set up groups for informing and educating. Some of these groups are like “The Engineers group”, “Community Safety Watch”, “Muhoozi for President 2021”, etc..etc.

4. Instagram. Ugandans tend to use Instagram to show their big butts (thanks to Miss Curvy) and their pouty lips painted in deep red almost screaming “Kiss me. Kise my fat surculent lips”. Failing this, they post their lunch or their photo “I am hot. I just took my first plane ride in Hstory and it is Uganda Airlines”.

5. Facebook is a hell. While Facebook has incredible potential to launch your career on the moon, some Ugandans post garbage like “Yo man. Its mi ya mama warned u abt”. I am looking at this kid and thinking “you have scrawny legs”.

6. Twitter is a game changer. Twitter is one of the fewest Social Media platforms which gives an IDIOT the same debate platform as a Noble Prize winner. Many Ugandans jump on tweets where they comment fwaaa. Why not read the link in the tweet and also check the profile of the person tweeting?

7. Snapchat. Who the hell tries to snapchat with a total stranger?

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