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I just got a not so regular question from a friend in Uganda (FDC diehard). He has finished his second book and is looking to publish it. I have sent him suggestions on how to do it.

Here where it is important for Uganda youth to read and write.  In Canada, kids have to write daily. And read daily. From Grade 1 (P1). In fact, some schools send homework for even 4yr olds in Kindergarten daily.  I once sent the teacher Mrs. Colaco a note “That rubbish of sending 45min homework for Rebecca will no longer be accepted”. She replied that some parents were complaining that their kids were not bringing back enough homework (age 4) and mostly Chinese.  REPLY: “Does my kid look Chinese to you? No homework”.

Eventually, Rebecca asked for homework and that is when her teacher restarted sending it.  Now in Uganda, many kids are raised by Emiyayu. For example, my child was still biting her little sister Natasha so Becky should have been learning social behaviour more than freaking Mathematics and English.

Back to Uganda youth.  Some of you remember many years ago I said, write.  Write daily. Buy an exercise book and write about anything and write every day.  If you have internet, blog.  Even on your kathupuli fake made in China smart phone, you can write.  You can even just write on FBzero daily.  The more you write, the better you become at writing.  Facebook has a function where you can even dump all your posts then you can compile them in a book.

Most authors start out with an article, then these days, a blog, then a book.

To self publish, Google “Help me publish my book”.  There will be many options but the average cost to self publish is only around $500.

Please wait for my second book coming soon. “My Journery From Bududa Land Slides to Toronto Canada”.  My first book was on Computer Privacy, Automation of work in Retail Stores.  My research was also published in a book for conferences on women, work and job automation as below where you can order it from. Dr. Andrew Clement was my Research Supervisor and Academic Advisor at University of Toronto.  We co-authored my research and the presentation in the book below. He is the one who presented our research at a conference in Amsterdam.

John Doull, Bookseller, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – books…
Also includes works by: Jay Macpherson, John Beckwith, Eli Mandel, Len Brown, … Tom Marshall, Sharon Lea richamn, W.J. Keith, Nancy-Lou Patterson, Peter Revell, ….. Women, Work and Computerization : Spinning a Web from Past to Future: …. from the Checkout Counter” by Martha L. Nangalama and Andrew Clement ;

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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