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UGANDA: Politics of gender or tribal support

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My editor one time suspended my Admin account for 3 weeks.  If I were to tell you why he did it, you would also be shocked.  I will tell you anyway and risk him suspending my account again.

Do you people remember when Witch Specioza Kazibwe was being fronted by Bosco to be the AU chair?

All Uganda media was publishing stories supporting this Tif.  My editor was no different. “Leah, post these stories, they are about our Hon. Kazibwe heading the AU”.

LEAH: “You Tupid. She is a tif. You wanna export corruption?”.

ROGER: “Do not be a bitch, are you in your period again?  You are a woman, support a fellow woman”.  OH REALLY, so because I am a woman I must support idiots? DUDE THEN BLOCKS ME.

Something drastic had to be done.  READ revenge.  I am looking at the website and one of the Interns has posted that Mrs. Amin just died now in UK.  Of course it was years later but I was not about to correct that story.  Three weeks later, my editor calls and is fuming like someone pissed in his porridge. “Leah, I cannot believe you did not correct that story on Mrs. Amin”.  I am looking at him now and thinking GOOD. Had you not blocked me on FB and WhatsApp, I would have told you.  You made your own bed, now sleep in it.

You will never find many people that love their editors. Editors are monsters and slave drivers.  Their job seems to keep on telling the writer “your article is shit, do it again”.  So we go through life hating them editors because they are very negative people.  The problem is, they think it is their God given right to just keep on cutting you down, rubbishing what you write, denigrating you.  And they get away with it.  The unemployment rate in Uganda is too high so of course when Rogers fires me today, there are 24 lining up to work for him and fill my position.

Except they cannot write the way I do.  Mwebereremu.  Stop promoting people just because of gender equality or tribes.  Some people even had the audacity to tell me on Facebook “Support your fellow Musoga”.

For the record, MLN is not a Musoga.  And even if it was a Mugisu who stole money, I would not support him, her or it just because of tribe. Please maintain some integrity.  It is hard in Uganda media since you can be shut down but to promote outright criminals… OMG!

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