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UGANDA: Political Prisoner Dr. Stella Nyanzi sentenced to 18mths in jail – OPINION

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Makerere University Researcher, Uganda

Nyanzi has managed to expose the military dictatorship in Uganda by Gen. Yoweri Museveni as a true none tolerant regime for opposition.

Dr. Nyanzi’s sentencing should not have come as a surprise.  She has been very vocal about a repressive regime and used some “bad” language to describe our current dictator.

She will serve only 9mths since she has already served 9mths in Luzira.  Some idiots even tried to label her insane.  Do you know how many Ugandans are insane from:

1. Land grabbing
2. Slave trade
3. Impunity by bush people
4. Corruption
5. Selling Uganda to “foreign” investors
6. Horrible medical care
7. Bastardized education
8. Poor reading habits
9. Arbitrary arrests
10. Daily kidnappings
11. Torture
12. Persecution of Muslims
13. Suffocating media.  There is no media freedom
14. Intentional poverty schemes
15. Freedom of speech
16. Freedom of assembly
17. Killing off companies and enterprises owned by Native Ugandans
18. Forcing Ugandans off their land to give to “foreign investors” or refugees.
19. Suffocating taxes by URA
20. Deforestation as #OneOfThem deforests and expands in wetlands.
21. Sanitary pads for school children.
22. High unemployment for our youth.  Uganda has anywhere between 10mln to 35mln youth who are unemployed.
23. Declaring opposition as enemies and charging them with TREASON which carries a death sentence.
……..nebilala nebilala………

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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