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UGANDA: Political prisoner Dr. Stella Nyanzi being condemned by some people – @HeBobiWine @SejuDav @MugishaMuntu @KizzaBesigye1 @FDCOfficial1

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Uganda, Makerere University Professor Dr. Stella Nyanzi

What transpired this week in Uganda for the persecution of Dr. Stella Nyanzi was nothing but comical.  Stella exposed the Uganda regime of Military Dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni globally.

I am hearing that some people are condemning her for bearing her boobs.  Ugandans must stop having shot memories.

The current dictatorship has stripped us of all our rights and dignity.  We are under a fascist military regime that pits one against the other and yet in our unity, we could bring the regime down like dominos.

Do you remember in 2015 when Museveni issued a directive that all opposition women who get arrested must be undressed live on camera?

Here is a video of what happened to FDC opposition strong lady Fatuma.

You will also remember that in 2015, Museveni’s government tried to evict families off land in Apaa and Amuru (they are still working on it).  Left with no option for justice, our mothers, aunties, daughters and grand mothers stripped naked. It is a curse in our culture for an elder to strip naked.  You can ask Gen. Aronda who was there for that land eviction.

On November 26th and 27th, 2016, Museveni’s regime descended on Kasese and massacred hundreds of innocent unarmed civilians.  They went further and arrested our mothers, aunties, daughters, nieces and grandmothers.  The regime goons stripped the women naked and paraded them in front of cameras.–ICC–/688334-4771830-96nkx2z/index.html

Given all the above (there is more), no one has any right to condemn Stella for bearing her breasts. Not any lawyer for they work in a broken judiciary system which they milk.  No civil rights for now we know they are in bed with the system.  No journalists for they wrote a lot about Stella when she was fighting for Ugandans via her Facebook page and yet now, they hardly write about her plight and incarceration.  OR the fact that her actions point to a problem that needs urgent fixing.  A nation with no functioning judiciary, no justice.  A nation that sells their children into slavery.  A nation that beats up and shoots people on live camera in broad daylight.  A nation which has bastardized the education and healthcare. A nation with 10 to 35mln unemployed youth under the age of 35 who comprise 75% of the population.  A nation where hundreds of thousands of families wake up with guns and tear gas evicting them from their land. A nation which silences dissenting voices.  A nation that is exhausted from corruption, theft, nepotism, incompetency, inefficiency, massive human rights abuses, arbitrary arrests, kidnaps, torture, murder, vanishings…. nebilala nebilala

A nation in despair.  A nation that has lost hope. A starved nation.  The sick cannot get medicine.  The army and other armed people are everywhere as if we were at war.  A nation in which, if you should talk, you will be killed.  And if you do not talk, you will still be assassinated.

While you praise the dictatorship of NRM, remember that now, opposition people are not the only ones being assassinated or dying under strange circumstances.  NRM people are also dying.  You see, “if you put grasshoppers in a jar and seal it, they will devour each other”.  God is great.  #MpawoAtalikaba.

Let those in NRM who have ears hear. Let the people in NRM who have eyes read.  One of these days, your family will be next.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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