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UGANDA: People only read stories if they have photos

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One time, I was having a fight of words with a close friend.  I asked him “Why do Ugandans not read what I share?”

REPLY: “Because you do not include photos”. I then vowed to always include my nudes in all stories.  By the way, hat was only yesterday.  So I am working on the photos.

#BackInThoseDays Mzee bought me Treasure Island. I was super happy because I had only had 3 books to my name. ABC book, phone directory and the Bible.

I looked at this man “I am too grown up to read books that use pictures. I want my own book which has no pictionary”.

Next day, he returned with Gulliver’s Island. A book which had no pictures at all but had too many words.  What a heart break.  I kept running into his office “Draw for me the picture.  This book is too many words”.  He would then say “In your mind as you read it, draw the picture”.

I now look at people who want to read with pictures like they were in P3. God forbid. And some are even running for MP.  You guys are jokers.


You wanna change govt via photos. Mwereberemu. If you notice, most times AP, Reuters, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal do not use photos in every story. But you in opposition only read Pictionary with Photoshop.

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