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UGANDA: Our youth need to learn Google

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Natasha, Annet, Rebecca 

This morning, Natasha woke up at 5am as usual for her job which starts at 6am.  It has been very hot and our AC is broken.

When I asked Tasha how she had slept, she showed me the thermostat. “I read the manual and installed it last night.  Voila!”

Now, a thermostat installation should not be complicated but we are on a Heat Pump which serves for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. It also has the air cleaning and humidity regulation.  So, the installation of the thermostat involves crossing 6 to 8 wires properly without blowing up the house. 

She said “I am actually proud of myself. I feel smart.”  The thing is working perfectly.

PRIOR to the above, the last time Rebecca flew back home, our water in the shower was broken. She fixed it.  We bought our house 15yrs ago when the house was 6yrs old.  Which means things are old and need to be replaced.

Now, when Rebecca decided to fix the water (rusty shower), she looked at the model then used Google to find the parts needed and instructions.  She drove to our local hardware store and bought everything.  She had seen on Google that our model has a life time warranty.  She got all the parts for free.  Then she went on Youtube and watched a video of how to repair it.  BINGO!

PRIOR to the above, Annet lost it at her little sister one time.  Tasha and her best friend were driving to Ottawa for a long weekend.  Problem is the kids wanted to go to school till 4pm then drive to Ottawa.  Annet looked on Google and realised the kids would be driving at night for a far distance.  She showed Tasha the distance (the little one had miscalculated) and advised her to skip school that day and start driving in the morning.

You can see that when I tell Ugandans to use Google, I tell the same thing to my children.  And what stuns me is Tasha also read on Google / Youtube for instructions on how to wire properly.


Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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