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UGANDA: Opposition youth must get this message very clearly – @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu

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Clockwise: Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, Hon. Bobi Wine, Dr. Kizza Besigye. Image Copyright Chimpreports

If you attack Bobi Wine or Mugisha Muntu on any of my posts on social media, I will block you and likely hack your phone. And you would have had it coming.

I will also remove you from all the pages I Admin on all social media platforms.

Attacking FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye will also not be tolerated but you can have fun on all my posts about Jarukanga.

You people, we are at war.  When at war, all enemies of your enemy are your friends.  Unfortunately, Ugandans who claim they can take down one of the longest serving dictators on the African continent cannot even unite to work towards our main cause.  So, you are on social media daily bashing FDC, PP, ANT but these are not the enemies.

One thing that is clear, opposition hate criticism.  The minute I criticize PP for their members only sharing photos and videos with no substance and ZERO plan for the 35mln unemployed youth, some PP biggies will say I am looking for attention.

Then I critic FDC a lot – your barking dogs are making us lose faith in KB, reign them in.  Next thing you see is “MLN is definitely paid by Museveni”.

Will then turn onto NRM: “Do you people see how you are destroying yourselves after destroying our country?”  Some say: “Definitely opposition is paying her to say untruth about President Yoweri Museveni”.

Then, “Can you all people just shut up about Mugisha Muntu?  He is a States Man”.  I used to believe this too.  Till this one day when a total stranger from Uganda who works with Uganda Think Tank and is an FDC diehard said on Twitter to one of my tweets: “We know you are paid by MM”.

I cried. Actually, I think I still have that bucket of tears.  I have never ever talked to Bobi, Muntu, Besigye, Mbabazi.  Not even Museveni.  To assume that when I criticise what I think you are not doing right means that I am your enemy,,,nedda.

For a fact, among all the opposition leaders, if I were to call their direct mobile numbers which I have, none of them would answer.  If I were to call President Yoweri Museveni, he would answer my call promptly.  Not the 3 to 6mths opposition leaders take to reply to a call.  Museveni is very smart.  He knows who bashes him and for good measure.  That man will keep winning till hell freezes over.  Opposition leaders are unreachable (not that I need to talk to them yet) but meanwhile, Museveni has a system in place to route calls of the biggest critics directly to him.

Do not be surprised if you wake up one of these days and MLN is working for Museveni.  Opposition frustrates a few of us and opposition has nothing to offer except sacrificing people’s kids in their nonsense of kwekalakasa, walk to work, defiance, ndaga muntu, democracy.  It is almost like opposition is too naive.  The donors and funders to Uganda will not support the current opposition to take over Uganda.  No UNITY.  Muri Planless. 

Just imagine if all opposition could unite.  This would be powerful for Uganda and the donors and funders would fully support it.  You have a youth leader that is loved globally.  You have a man who has spent the last 20yrs fighting to awaken Uganda and the world.  You have the longest Army Chief in the history of Uganda.  You could not fail.  But in your arrogance and selfishness, you do not stop to think about the entire country.  You personalize politics. Then how can you possibly find it right to condemn Museveni for personalising Uganda?

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda
PS: This message has not been paid for by any political party

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