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UGANDA: Opposition take a chapter from ANT @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @KizzaBesigye1 @FDCofficial1

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Above is UGANDA: Opposition party ANT rep for Diaspora, Barbara Allimadi

For a fact, we now know that the only party that has yIntelleketchos is ANT. ANT hardly ever speaks.

Howerver, FDC and People Power (not party but movement) are always talking. Media and live videos daily. Photo Opps. Dare to ask them a question and you are all of a sudden a mole.
We need all the opposition to unite. None of you are above #CountryAboveSelf.

I loved Barbara Allimadi launch video to Diaspora because she is very articulate. Very eloquent. Very elegant. AND you will never see this lady attack anyone on social media or any other party. Meanwhile, some of you have your mobilizers who love to shut us all down for suggesting things.
For now, maybe I will join ANT because I still have the bruises from NRM, FDC and PP. As if Jesus died and appointed you to be the only opposition.
If you even look at the social media of all your supporters, they can hardly read or wrte. YES, we love you all but we are done with bullshit politics of basilu and bakopi and illiterates. Time to get a grip on the future. Not all of us are asking for “if I help you, what minister position will you give me?”. Actually, that might be because some of your supporters have zero skills except kulebeta.
AND IF PEOPLE POWER does not stop them life FB videos and audios plus photos as if they have any message, I wwill hack their phones. We are tired. Give us something with substance. Wearing blue or red when you have no skills or job or a useless degree is nothing different from those thugs in NRM who go around wearing yellow as if they are part of the rainbow!! Mtcheewww
We are not going to pay OTT and MBs and Gigs to watch your silly live videos “I just donated 12 excercise books”. I just gave rice to Lusanja evicted people. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY WERE BEING EVICTED??? And Mubende, Kayongo, Mukono, Hoima, Apaa, Amuru, Nakasongola, Nakaseke and soon Bududa. Donate food then post it on social media as if you just cured #LANDGRABBING.
You expect to take down one of the most brutal dictatorship by posting live FB, audios on WhatsApp and refuse to read or write because that is how things work in Uganda. Pray tell us how you will read the secret Oil and Gas, Infrastructure contracts and the IMF reports.
Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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