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UGANDA: Opposition needs to learn about writing styles, could save your life – @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @SejuDav @FDCofficial1

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In 2016, soon after the elections, one of my close friends was kidnapped in Kampala after he had flown home from Joburg.

Before the goons took away his phone, he sent me a message “taken, I have no idea where, my laptop was grabbed. They are taking away my phone too”.

Isaac was held in a “Safe House” but he had been blind folded and we think he was held in Bunga.

The next day, all his social media accounts were posting as him till they hit on me.

“Hia dia, hw r u?”

REPLY: This is not Isaac

Them: How z dat swiri?

REPLY: This is not Isaac.  Let us skype so I can know it is Isaac.

Them: What is your skype name?

Problem is I used to skype with Isaac minimum once a week.  He is a journalist and had quit Daily Monitor then gone to Johannesburg to do some writing for an NGO and work on his book.  Which was confiscated.  His book was STATE OF THIEVES.

Isaac always greets me with “Hello sweetheart, I have only 28 cows but will get more to marry my beloved Becky”.  It is a long running joke for years.

I always reply: “How are my kids? Did you visit them in the horrible boarding school?”.

After our usual greetings, we move into debating Uganda politics.  No way Isaac can write Unglish to me. He knows I hate it.  Then his greeting was not the usual.

ME: What are the names of my kids?

Rogues: Let us skype you also naawe.  == There is no way in hell Isaac did not know the names of my kids.

The regime Tupid intel was going after all of Isaac’s friends on social media.  I think Ugandans need to understand this and most especially opposition.  If you do not know how I communicate, you will be fooled that it is me talking to you.  The one signature I have that you all know is: “Cut out the idiocy, my time is too precious”.  Call it arrogant but most all my friends and family know that my communication to them includes abuses, attacks, proper English, dark humour and then “How are my kids who you should FEDEX”.  Looks like simple jokes but many times, it is the writing style that saves you.

Thank heaven Isaac got out after only 5 days. But before they let him out, they sent me photos, “Isaac sent me photos”.  He needs glasses.  His glasses were broken and that was scary because even his face was swollen so I knew they had beat the shit out of him.  But God is good.  He did get out and is now okay.  But Isaac needs to stop getting arrested.  It is too much work to keep an eye on him.


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