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UGANDA: Opposition lessons from Marketing 101

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There is advertising and then there is over advertising.

In Business School at, our Marketing Professor taught us a life time lesson.

If you are the strongest most known company, you do not run commercials always mentioning your opponent who is smaller.

If you over advertise, people will turn against your brand.

Currently, I personally do not read anything that has FDC in it. Why?  Because for years they have been bashing other opposition.  In fact, I only became interested in Bobi Wine because FDC was bashing him right from when he was running for MP of Kyadondo East. Other than FDC constantly trashing Bobi, I would not have paid attention.

There is a Canadian Beer Company called BUDWEISER.  It used to run commercial after commercial hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.  We got so sick of it that whenever we would go clubbing on weekends, the waiters / waitresses would ask us for our order for beer.  We used to reply “ANYTHING BUT A BUD”.

This is what FDC has gotten some of us too. Anything but FDC.  And because they keep mentioning their competition, it is worse. The “strongest” most “important” well “established” opposition party should not be campaigning daily by mentioning their opposition and slandering them.

Please campaign by mentioning the strengths of your candidate instead of slandering the others and expecting us to think you are any better than the current military regime.


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