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UGANDA: Opposition leaders need to plan for future – @HeBobiWine @MugushaMuntu @KizzaBeaigye @FDCoffilial1

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ran a story earlier this year (2019) titled “A Wake-Up Call for Grads: Entry-Level Jobs Aren’t So Entry Level Any More”.

WSJ is running that paid Ad on social media and one of them is mentioning the above article which they published in May 2019.  Why are they are running the Ad based on that article is actually very timely.

Here is the link to the original article.

I looked at the Ad I saw on Facebook, which I promptly shared with my followers.  It really was nothing different from what I have told my followers in the past.

Just look at the photo of that Ad and you will see why Uganda youth must pay attention.

What I am suggesting is the following for opposition:

Find a way to set up evening and weekend classes for your key people who will then teach in their local areas.

1) All key leaders need to attend some courses which you will arrange. Communication.  Social Media. Presentation. Interpersonal skills. Problem Solving. Financial Planning.

2) The key leaders will then teach in their local communities. Social Media. Financial Planning.  Communication.

3) After this, the next step is to teach the same to everyone in every part of Uganda.  Your people are on social media abusing me daily so why do they not use the money and time to go and learn and teach?

Uganda is generating graduates yearly who are really unemployable. The majority of them.  Not too many people are challenging this situation.  However, now that WSJ has told our graduates truth, let us work.

What we are facing as opposition is the reality that we are not challenging everyone on social media to go and share information with those who are not on social media.  You people, how is it possible that people in Eastern Uganda uproot coffee and plant mangos and mangada because these fruits will have a fruit juice factory in Palissa or Soroti AND the excess will be exported to Europe and the Middle East.  This was done when Uganda did not even have an airline.  WHY DO YOU PRIDE yourselves in educating your children when they cannot do simple things as going to Teso and telling their elders “Coffee is not a perishable product. Neither is Cotton.  Mangos and Mangada are perishable”.

Moncton, Uganda
Bududa, Canada
PS: My first job fresh out of University was to automate jobs.  That was in 1995.

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